D-ARIA mobile data acquisition
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Smart automated warehouse optimization by drone

Smart automated warehouse optimization by drone

Speed up data acquisition and get comprehensive information to optimize your warehouse. With D-ARIA data acquisition, you get more accurate results than ever before to save time and money.

The intelligent way to inventory

D-ARIA Data Acquisition is a fully automated system for mapping your warehouse with a mobile, self-flying drone. It's as easy as this: the flight corridor is secured, the flight path through the rack aisle is determined, the drone takes off, and after a short time, you get an inventory of storage occupancy that is as up-to-date as it is accurate. Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can discover more than just the link between package and location. Data collection with D-ARIA improves data quality for the warehouse, logistics, and purchasing.

How can D-ARIA benefit you?

Data acquisition on the fly

The data collection via drone is smart, intelligent, automated, safe, effective, and, above all, simple. The system by D-ARIA allows you to increase the quality of the existing data and reduce the error rate with the associated costs. Indoor drone flight operates without GPS or beacons, using camera-based navigation. You can deploy this system in your existing infrastructure without any interference, reorganization, or changes. The only input required is the storage layout plan and storage space allocation from your goods management system. D-ARIA data acquisition will show you how to optimize your warehouse in a target-driven way.

  • Intelligent automatization

    Unlike a conventional inventory, D-ARIA data acquisition works with artificial intelligence. The drone captures data, and the system accurately indicates false entries. The process works autonomously in any infrastructure. The only thing required is a human observer for the drone (currently) due to regulatory guidelines.

  • Safely efficient

    This system saves up to 75% of the time usually required for data acquisition. The use of the drone as a tool in operational processes was tested by D-ARIA several times. They designed this software especially for its tasks, utilizing hardware from well-known, outstanding manufacturers. Due to the precision of D-ARIA data acquisition in inventory, you can do it without errors, employees, and forklifts.

  • Plug & Play & Fly

    We believe in the accuracy of the D-ARIA system. It turns drones into a practical operational tool that you can quickly deploy with comprehensive service - think of it as plug & play & fly. For early adopters, pricing for the service is based on performance and success. You only pay per identified deviation: 0 errors mean 0€ billed on your invoice. That's how confident we are in this system.

D-ARIA Data Acquisition

Data it can acquire

D-ARIA Data Acquisition is the easy, innovative solution for inventory in the warehouse without interfering with your existing infrastructure.

  • Stock location

    Discover the exact position of an item in the warehouse.

  • Occupancy

    Identify any discrepancies in storage occupancy.

  • Photos

    Documentation of pallet placement in high-resolution.

  • Automatic data reconciliation

    The system will immediately suggest corrective actions.

D-ARIA Data Acquisition

Added value to go

Ready for use

You don't need GPS or beacons to start setup. D-ARIA designed the system for camera-based indoor navigation.

Simple input

D-ARIA only needs an overview map of the warehouse to identify routes as input. To prepare it, upload the storage placement plans from the goods management system for matching, and then you're ready for takeoff.

ERP Adjustment Posting

D-ARIA works perfectly with ERP/WMS systems. The system keeps the ERP value and requests manual verification from operations, such as the forklift driver. The value found is posted as an update to the ERP value.


On completion, you will receive a report as proof of performance, including a link to the D-ARIA user interface to see all errors visualized, along with a download of a CSV file including high-resolution images of each deviation.

Online User Interface

You can navigate all results of D-ARIA in isometric view, 2D visualization, and simplified view. The system displays the deviations with a pop-up in the affected areas.


The D-ARIA system was approved by JARUS-SORA (Specific Operations Risk Assessment). Software and hardware have been tested and certified for use in warehouses.


D-ARIA prepares the drone flight for you. We cordon off all shelf aisles. Any drone operation works (currently) only under the supervision of a human observer for manual intervention and VLOS operation (Visual Line of Sight).

High speed

Inventory by drone performs at speeds of up to 22 m/s per warehouse aisle. Thus, one aisle usually only takes about 20 minutes.

Optional additional packages

If desired, you can have the picture content that's delivered by the drone be machine-processable and request pattern recognition for optimization potential in the warehouse. Get even more out of data acquisition with D-ARIA.

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In-flight data acquisition for the digital twin

Current and correct data is needed in order to maintain a complete overview of the warehouse. For this purpose, D-ARIA has developed a smart plug & play solution: a drone with the capability to independently and precisely acquire data, thereby making an automated creation of inventories possible. REMUS relied on these features in order to complete its stocktaking without the need for overtime or elaborate error searches.
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“What makes the D-ARIA concept so attractive from our point of view is the ease of deployment. We only need the warehouse, D-ARIA, and their drone. We can use it to check our work in logistics to see how good we are. Or how good we need to become."
Walter Holzschuster, Logistics Manager, Fittings Industry in the Graz Area
“Anyone who thinks that there are no deviations in their warehouse is mistaken. I can recommend that everyone lets D-ARIA's drone fly around their warehouse and look the truth of the data in the eye."
Walter Holzschuster, Logistics Manager, Fittings Industry in the Graz Area

Make your data acquisition fly by. The D-ARIA drone.

D-ARIA data acquisition allows for automated inventory by determining exact storage locations and quick reposting of deviations. As a result, you can optimize your warehouse in a cost-efficient and intelligent way.

D-ARIA mobile data acquisition

Automated warehouse optimization

Available as a service with early bird pricing: pay per identified deviation.