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IoT optimization for productive floor trucks

IoT optimization for productive floor trucks

Check load status, movement profiles, and shocks in your fleet without having to stop. SLOC Productivity does it all in one tool.

Efficient fleets at the push of a button

SLOC Productivity is an automated all-rounder designed for fleets. The information provided by this technology allows for a detailed analysis of each industrial truck and its activities in the logistics process. Actual operating hours, movement profile, and shocks provide information about operating times and driving jobs that take full and empty runs in the internal transport of load carriers or goods into account. You get complete transparency about all routes in the warehouse.

How can SLOC Productivity benefit you?

More productivity through plug & play

Your fleet could do a better job for you. As long as there are no problems, people often don't think about industrial vehicles, but they often need optimization. Find out how forklifts, tuggers, or pallet trucks are operating in the warehouse, how they are being used, and how your goods are moving to make your fleet work even better. SLOC Productivity is easy to install, so it instantly gives you more information and benefits.

  • Quick commissioning

    Thanks to battery operation and wireless data transmission, the SLOC Productivity can be installed quickly and easily. With the help of the intuitive SLOC Device Management, consisting of app and portal, the configuration takes only two short steps.

  • One device - a lot of information

    The compact SLOC Productivity continuously records load status (full/empty), movement profile (travel/standstill), and shocks. This data can be used to perform a comprehensive analysis of the vehicle's operation. Optionally, you can also record lift height as well as location.

  • Analyse with ease

    The collected information can be analyzed with SLOC Power BI at the push of a button and provides your fleet, logistics, and warehouse managers with a baseline for quickly identifying optimization potential and problem sources.

„With the young Graz-based company, we have found the ideal partner for jointly implementing a wide variety of Industrial IoT Use-Cases in different industries. With the smart devices from SLOC we can meet the high demands of our customers in the area of hardware and firmware and also quickly test and roll out completely new applications in a practical way.“
Holger Schlüter, Manager IoT / Industry 4.0

The SLOC Productivity

Added value to go

Automated optimization

The automated evaluation of the information collected by SLOC Productivity serves as a comprehensive and true-to-life database for identifying optimization potential and implementing productivity-enhancing measures.

Increased safety

With the help of the SLOC Productivity's shock detection, any safety-relevant aspects such as possible damage to racks or vehicles can be identified quickly and promptly. Operational safety is increased with targeted countermeasures.

IP - Protection class IP67

SLOC Devices are certified according to the IP67 protection class. This means that the devices are absolutely dust-tight and have complete protection against contact. Additionally, they are protected against strong jets of water and temporary submersion.

Robust components for industrial use

Only industrial components are used that can withstand the harsh environmental conditions of everyday warehouse use and are highly resistant to dirt, temperature, and shocks.

Individual data transmission

Data transfer of information from the vehicle to the SLOC Device Management - Portal can be done in two ways: fully automated via the mobile network (preferably NB-IoT) or manually via BLE and the SLOC App.

Battery operation

Power is provided by long-life lithium-ion batteries. Based on an intelligent calculation of the battery consumption and the remaining runtime, there is an automatic notification when you need to change the battery. This can be carried out quickly and easily.

Optimize everything in your fleet all in one. The SLOC Productivity.

The simple tool for digital productivity analysis will keep your fleet running.

SLOC Productivity

Increased productivity for fleets

Complete package including hardware, software, IaaS for 6 months and full product service.