SLOC Productivity

High-Tech IoT Device for Productivity Analysis of Industrial Trucks
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Simple installation

Thanks to battery operation and wireless data transmission, quick and easy installation without wiring is guaranteed. With the help of the intuitive SLOC Device Management consisting of app and portal, configuration is carried out in two short steps.

One Device – Lots of information

The compact SLOC Productivity continuously records the load status (full / empty travel), motion profile (travel / standstill) and shocks. With these data a comprehensive analysis of the use of the vehicle can be made. Lifting height and location are also optionally available.

Analysis with one click

With SLOC BI the collected information can be evaluated at the push of a button and serves as a basis for the fleet manager as well as the person responsible for logistics and warehouse management to quickly identify optimization potentials.

Complete transparency about the use of your vehicle fleet
The information of SLOC Productivity allows a detailed analysis of the vehicle as well as the logistic process, which is handled by the vehicle. Actual operating hours, movement profile and shocks provide information about operating times, driving orders including full and empty runs and the internal transport of load carriers or goods.
Identification of optimization potential
The automated evaluation of the information collected by SLOC Productivity serves as a comprehensive and accurate database for identifying optimization potentials and implementing productivity-enhancing measures.
Increase of operational safety
With the shock detection of the SLOC Productivity, any safety-relevant aspects such as possible damage to shelves or vehicles can be detected quickly and promptly and operational safety can be increased through targeted countermeasures.

Collected Information

Motion profile
Movement & standstill including standing times 
Loading condition
Full trip (loaded) / empty trip (unloaded)
Time and strength of sudden shocks
Driving orders
incl. duration of full and empty trips 
Optional (on request)
Vehicle location with SLOC beacons
Determination of the lifting height
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IP – Protection class IP67
SLOC Devices are certified according to IP67 protection class. The devices are therefore absolutely dust-tight and have complete protection against contact. In addition, they are protected against strong jets of water and temporary submersion.
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Solid components for industrial use
Only industrial components are used which can withstand the harsh environmental conditions of daily warehouse operations and are highly resistant to dirt, temperature and shocks.
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Individual data transmission
The data transfer of information from the vehicle to the SLOC Device Management - Portal can be done in two ways: fully automated via the mobile phone network (preferably NB-IoT) or manually via BLE and the SLOC App.
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Battery operated
Power is supplied by long-life lithium-ion batteries. Based on an intelligent calculation of the battery consumption and the remaining running time, an automatic notification is given in case the battery needs to be replaced. This can be carried out quickly and easily.
Benefit from the SLOC experience –
simple, intuitive plug & play solutions and comprehensive product service
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„With the young Graz-based company, we have found the ideal partner for jointly implementing a wide variety of Industrial IoT Use-Cases in different industries. With the smart devices from SLOC we can meet the high demands of our customers in the area of hardware and firmware and also quickly test and roll out completely new applications in a practical way.“
Holger Schlüter, Manager IoT / Industry 4.0

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SLOC Productivity
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