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Digital Twin Provides Total Overview – REMUS Cleans up with D-ARIA

24. March by DIGITAL2GO in Use Case

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As a renowned supplier for numerous premium car manufacturers, REMUS Innovation GmbH relies on smooth processes throughout its entire operation. Maintaining an orderly warehouse is important. Optimal performance is only possible if warehouse managers gain a complete overview of one’s warehouse inventories and know exactly where individual components are located. For this reason, REMUS took advantage of the plug & play solution by D-ARIA in preparation of its inventory. The D-ARIA drone flies independently through shelving aisles and precisely captures all relevant data, thereby performing automated stocktaking.

In times like these in which global supply chains are as fragile as ever, the ability to gain a complete overview of one’s warehouse inventories at any time is all the more important. Even small deviations can lead to serious consequences, resulting in production standstills or even, in the worst-case scenario, supply shortages or faulty deliveries to customers. The reputation and success of a company critically depend on maintaining consistent, current and correct inventory data. 

D-ARIA: Simple data acquisition in flight

D-ARIA data acquisition creates a current and accurate inventory of occupied storage space as it detects deviations within the warehouse in a quick, secure, efficient and fully automated process. The drone flies independently by means of camera-based navigation through previously closed off shelving aisles, requiring neither GPS nor beacons. The plug & play solution by D-ARIA is easy to use and does not require restructuring or elaborate preparatory work, no matter whether used by large-scale or small to medium sized enterprises.

Quick, smart and incredibly precise

Traveling at a speed of up to 22 m/s, the drone creates a digital twin of the entire warehouse within a day. Data collected throughout the flight is analyzed by means of artificial intelligence and compared with current warehouse levels. On the following day, the customer receives high-resolution images with all identified deviations sorted according to respective categories. Thus, the warehouse operator is able to see at a glance which labels are missing or which products require restocking or which storage locations are occupied by articles thought to have been stored somewhere else. D-ARIA not only provides full transparency regarding warehouse data quality, but also suggests suitable corrective measures and makes it especially easy to quickly create specific work lists. Error classes can also be easily identified and weighted in regard to possible corrective measures.

Make your data acquisition fly by. The D-ARIA drone.

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REMUS cleans up

Over the course of inventory preparations, REMUS decided to take advantage of the services of D-ARIA in order to plan and implement necessary corrections more efficiently. The resulting creation of a digital twin was a complete and total success: No unnecessary overtime was needed, and no extra shifts had to be booked. Moreover, valuable resources were not wasted on protracted and burdensome error searches. The Styrian company REMUS could instead focus its time and work expenditures on the truly important tasks of developing and producing premium sports exhaust systems. 

Stefan Hütter, Chief Operating Officer of REMUS, summarized his experiences with smart data acquisition as follows: “Stocktaking with the D-ARIA drone saved us time we would have otherwise spent on redundant and time-consuming searches for individual components. Moreover, we were able to simply and quickly perform storage location corrections.” Improved data quality on account of D-ARIA results in process optimizations and makes it possible for companies to clean up their warehouses in a cost-effective and intelligent manner.

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