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Market readiness analyses: guaranteed quality and high usability for all DIGITAL2GO tools

15. December by DIGITAL2GO in Digitization

Verbesserte Arbeitsprozesse in Produktlagerung und Distribution durch DIGITAL2GO
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Certain expectations exist when buying a product. Not only the functionality but also small details such as easy-to-open packaging as well as clear and understandable manuals are criteria that, in a best-case scenario, convince users of the benefit of the product from the very beginning.  

The fulfillment of these quality requirements can, of course, not be left to chance. “For classic and established test procedures of manufacturers, we have created an additive criterion through an external and neutral company that takes on the perspective of the user,” explains Oliver Lehner, vice president partner & products of KNAPP AG. By implementing this type of quality assurance, he acknowledges the necessary basis for a stable, safe and immediate tool operation in the product portfolio of DIGITAL2GO.

Standardized market readiness analysis from the perspective of the user

DIGITAL2GO has decided to pursue a collaboration with NINEFEB GmbH in order to perform a uniform market readiness analysis. In addition to liability-proof technical documentation for all markets, the Austrian company based in Graz, Vienna and Manchester also specializes in consultation in the after-sales and service management area. In light of this background and the associated expertise, NINEFEB is the ideal partner when it comes to performing a standardized maturity check prior to market introduction.

From the viewpoint of the prospective user who does not necessarily have extensive technical knowledge, NINEFEB checks, inspects and tests all steps that a customer may go through after receiving a new product. From unpacking to setup and ultimate usage, a tool must fulfill strict criteria during the start analysis as Dr. Harald Stadlbauer, one of the two CEOs of NINEFEB, explains in detail: “We test the assembly, commissioning, control and operation itself as well as usability and technical documentation and also examine the user-friendliness of the software interface and data export. All of these individual assessments result in an overall score, which, in a best-case scenario, directly leads to the product launch.” A standardized assessment provides a comparative standard for the quality claims of DIGITAL2GO for all stand-alone tools. New insights that make expanded or additional criteria necessary can also be quickly and simply applied to the entire portfolio.

Devices von DIGITAL2GO sind sofort einsatzbereit und fügen sich problemlos in bestehende Prozesse ein

“Ready-to-use” as a promise

Customers of DIGITAL2GO can set clear expectations in regard to the quality of tools and still rest assured that these demands will actually be fulfilled. Moreover, manufacturers have an understandable and standardized framework based on which they must align the quality of their products in order to be listed on the platform. Both customers and manufacturers benefit in multiple respects: Reliability, safety and usability increase satisfaction and also reduce other ambiguities and complaints.

Ready-to-use, the ability to use a tool from the first day without special previous knowledge or time-intensive training is the mission statement of DIGITAL2GO. Harald Stadlbauer fittingly summarizes the advantages of a market readiness analysis for the user: “A person who buys a product from DIGITAL2GO will receive a tool that has been tested and examined in minute detail. This is true both for the device itself as well as for packaging, transport and the entire technical documentation. Thus, it is clear that DIGITAL2GO products are especially user-friendly for a broad target group – even without explicit technical knowledge.”

And what happens when the maturity check does not produce the desired result? Oliver Lehner also has a clear response to this: “The manufacturer of the respective tool must resolve any discovered weaknesses. At DIGITAL2GO, we only make our decision as to whether the necessary product maturity has been achieved and the product can be listed on our platform once all issues have been resolved.”

All previously listed tools – such as MultiScan and CartonScan by KHT, ivii.photostation and SLOC Productivity – have, of course, also successfully undergone this market readiness analysis, thereby proving that they can fulfill the highest demands. These demands include our own requirements and especially those of our customers who regard digitization as an opportunity to optimize their work processes.

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