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Use Case: How Mobile Easykey increases the efficiency of industrial trucks with SLOC Productivity.

25. August by DIGITAL2GO in Use Case

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As the heart of a company, the warehouse offers plenty of potential for optimizing processes. This also includes the efficient and safe use of industrial trucks. Mobile Easykey has precisely recognized this and therefore equips its customers’ vehicles with the SLOC Productivity.

Insufficient utilization, unnecessarily long distances or even accidents – there are many reasons why the use of a forklift fleet often does not operate as smoothly and efficiently as desired. Yet this is precisely what plays an important role in internal logistics and, subsequently, in the optimal use of all company resources. As one of the leading providers in the field of fleet management for industrial trucks, Mobile Easykey offers its customers a solution that can increase efficiency by up to 30 percent. At the heart of this is the SLOC Productivity – a smart high-tech sensor that is simply mounted on the vehicles and provides valuable information.

One device – a lot of information

Real-time data or at the push of a button

Depending on which version the customer chooses, the collected data is either made available directly on the vehicle or simply transmitted on demand. The first solution works via Bluetooth and enables fleet optimization in real time. Alternatively, cyclical data transmission via mobile communications is possible. In this case, the information collected by SLOC is transmitted at desired transmission intervals to the device management located in the cloud, where the data can be evaluated and exported.

Optimization at all levels

With SLOC Productivity, Mobile Easykey creates an increase in efficiency on many levels, which customers such as SMP, one of the largest automotive suppliers in the world, also appreciate. This includes the optimization of all routes taken by each vehicle, improved utilization of the forklift fleet, and the best possible use of the entire warehouse capacity. The detection of impacts and shocks also increases operational reliability. Defects in vehicles or racks are immediately detected and can be located precisely, which makes long search times a thing of the past.

Easy to use thanks to Plug & Play

As with all products in the DIGITAL2GO portfolio, the SLOC Productivity is an easy-to-use plug & play tool. The sensor can be installed in just a few steps and works without any wiring. Even the complex connection to the vehicle’s power supply is not necessary thanks to battery operation with a convincingly long service life. Configuration takes place via an app and is completed in just three simple steps. The smart SLOC device then immediately records and transmits the extensive information, which can be automatically integrated into the customer’s system via the interfaces provided.

Check load status, movement profiles, and shocks in your fleet without having to stop. SLOC Productivity does it all in one tool.

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