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Use-Case: How L’Oréal Germany reduces the number of claims with the ivii photostation

05. October by DIGITAL2GO in Digitization

ivii.photostation as a assistent in distribution processes
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The number of packages leaving the logistics center of L’Oréal Germany in Mönchengladback is constantly on the rise. Meanwhile, the time required for claims processing is being lowered. This is facilitated to a large extent by the ivii photostation, which has been in use at the cosmetics company’s North Rhine-Westphalian location since 2019.

Transparency in outgoing shipments

The ivii photostation was integrated in L’Oréal Germany’s tested process in order to improve the packing quality – no changes were required, let alone reconstruction work. Another goal of this step towards further digitalization was to simplify claims processing, thereby reducing the reaction time for customers.

ivii.photostation for faster and easier scanning

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Through employee training with pictures of ideal examples, the quality of the packages can now undergo constant optimization. The precise and fully automated photographing of each outgoing shipment also enables transparent communication between the warehouse, customer service and the customer.

Advantage in the claims process

This shortens communication channels at L’Oréal Germany, since customer service employees can process claims independently and based on hard data. Asking questions of their colleagues in the warehouse is rarely necessary – an improvement that provides a lasting increase in satisfaction for everyone involved.

“A surprisingly positive side effect of the transparent traceability is the improved employee satisfaction. The digitalization of claims processing has improved our quality assurance on multiple levels.” – Jonas Hurtmann, Project Manager at L’Oréal

In addition to these simplification of everyday business, the use of the ivii photostation in L’Oréal Germany’s logistics center is aimed primarily aimed at lowering costs associated with customer claims – for example, by rendering delivery complaints toothless with timestamped pictures.

Digitalization in logistics

Since the ivii photostation is optimized for use in the running process, there is no significant effort associated with integrating it – the plug-and-play technology simply needs a free field of view from above. At L’Oréal Germany’s Mönchengladbach location, it was in use immediately after commissioning: every order here is photographed before the delivery note is enclosed and the box is sealed.

Along with the attentiveness of employees along the picking line, this check monitoring process therefore not only ensures better packing quality and lower claims costs, but also facilitates tracking in case of complaints. Digitalization in logistics at L’Oréal Germany therefore means smart improvement, not costly changes.


Photograph and document shipments during the running process – precisely and automatedly.

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