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How digitization
helps your business?

How digitization helps your business? Step-by-step.

DIGITAL2GO offers innovative products for a fast, effective, stepwise approach to digitization in your company. 

Simple. Smart. DIGITAL2GO.

We are the premier partner when it comes to digitizing your operations efficiently. We offer certified solutions designed for immediate use in existing processes in a wide range of areas – from the factory floor to the workshop. Low on complexity, low on compromise. A sure way to digitize faster and smarter - step-by-step.

Start from where you are now

Within existing processes, established workflows and fully integrated infrastructures, it is often hard for companies to try new things. It would be better to use proven, efficient methods in a targeted manner. This is our approach with the DIGITAL2GO platform. Techniques that are easy to apply and products that fit immediately. Little effort, maximum benefit. Step by step.

Let data do the talking

We are committed to innovations that make your life easier. We want to make data work for you, and with every solution showcased on DIGITAL2GO, you get more data. For you, this means better decisions based on information that is instantly available and more comprehensive. The type of simplification that you notice at work. Through processes that run more smoothly. Step by step.

Plug & Play & Perfect

In future we need technologies that improve existing processes and offer a significant difference in performance, ideally immediately. Applicable without hassle, customization, or adjustment periods. Here's how we envision it: Tech that always fits the plan. Innovation comes in all sizes. At DIGITAL2GO, you find indispensable tools to create sustainable value. Step by step.

Great innovations with small beginnings.

Our solutions make for success stories in a wide variety of application areas. Read more about the diverse use cases here.
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Products that are immediately useful

DIGITAL2GO offers a continuously optimized, growing selection of products. Everything you see here can be implemented stand-alone at any time.
Spot-check of goods dispatches


Document all your outgoing goods with accurate images and time stamps.

Digitize product master data in real time

KHT MultiScan

Speed up digital product data capture with this mobile 4D product scanner.

Transparent data for all aspects of shipping

KHT CartonScan

Record volume and weight, verify freight costs and invoices based on data.

Productivity check of warehouse vehicles

SLOC Productivity

Analyze the productivity of your industrial fleet with a high-tech IoT device.

Smart touchpoint

Digital Butler

Selectively display information. Control entry, queuing, and waiting for more safety at the POS.

Automated warehouse optimization

D-ARIA mobile data acquisition

Accelerated data collection and reposting of deviations.

Remote support solutions

ivii.global assist

Reliable support, inspections and problem solving – digital and remote.

Optimization software

redPILOT® Operational Excellence Solution

Holistically optimize operational processes in all logistics areas in real time.

Flexible transport robot

Open Shuttle

Automate transport tasks on the floor with the autonomous mobile robot.

Let's make progress together

Digitization means collaboration. If you would like to present your plug & play solutions and digital innovations on DIGITAL2GO, - contact us!
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