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The mobile scanner for precise, automated dispatch operations

Automatically capture the volume and weight of shipments, calculate freight costs based on data, and verify invoices easily.

Smart, optimized shipping

The CartonScan is a jack of all trades for dispatches, simplifying all the tasks involved in shipping goods. It has been optimized for measuring and weighing cardboard boxes and cubic items, but it can do a lot more. The underlying technology makes it possible to accurately determine the volume & weight of your shipping items in one step and instantly provides you with the data. This simplifies the outgoing process for eCommerce, retail, logistics, and industry. 

How can the CartonScan benefit you?

Accurate data, works without a glitch

Capture and process shipping information in one step. CartonScan makes shipping the most straightforward task in the plant. Suddenly, you have all the data about your packaging at your fingertips and can optimize the entire shipping process to meet your demands. CartonScan can be used wherever items need to be shipped cheap, fast, and efficient. Thanks to standardized technology and intuitive operation, it is immediately ready for use at any location.

  • All in one

    The CartonScan lets you record the volume and weight of shipments automatically and access them flexibly. Time-consuming steps are eliminated from the workflow. Calculating freight rates, checking invoices, and preparing customs declarations are all automated. You can react and act at any time, supported by data. And all this is fully mobile.

  • The right label

    All data about the package are known, costs and customs have been cleared. Nothing can stand in the way of successful delivery. Your shipments will become even easier once they are automated. With CartonScan you always get the correct label ready. This allows you to dispatch more items in a faster, more efficient way.

  • Fully integrated & ready to use

    If you want to exchange information easily and quickly with shipping companies, you can share it directly via interfaces. The entire shipping process can thus be optimized on both sides for your benefit. Standardized technology and intuitive operation allow you to seamlessly integrate the CartonScan into your workflow. It's plug & play, regardless of your industry.

The CartonScan

Added value to go

Instant information

Record volume & weight. Calculate freight costs. Check labels & invoices. Ultrasonic technology is fully integrated and, like scanner & scale, detects cubic items between 4 x 4 x 2 cm and 82 x 82 x 94 cm and weighing between 0.05 and 55 kg.


The CartonScan lets you share all shipping-related data. Serial interfaces, Ethernet, or USB make all information available immediately in the inventory management system. All this data can be directly exchanged with the shipping companies.

Supply chain automation

The transfer of shipping data allows for two-way optimization. You have the correct label for your shipment and have freight costs, invoices, and customs applications all taken care of. Package service providers can take over your cardboard boxes immediately and deliver them safely to your destination.

Mobile measurement

Elaborate work steps can be completed anywhere in the warehouse. With the optional transport trolley, the CartonScan can be turned into a mobile device, instantly placed right where you need it. It simplifies the process of goods issues at every location.

Sustainably fit for the future

Delivering more packages and conserving resources

By means of precise master data, CartonScan optimizes your storage space for shipping and transport. The device captures both the volume as well as the weight of packages whereby you can exactly determine the number of units to be shipped, load these in a space-saving manner and transport more in a single load – thereby reducing the amount of empty space in the delivery vehicle. You can deliver more packages with your existing vehicles or achieve the same number of deliveries with fewer trips and fewer vehicle deployments. Based on fully available data, you can control your downstream processes and sustainably shape these processes along the entire value chain while reducing resources such as CO₂.

Smart technology cleverly implemented

DIGITAL2GO currently offers two different technologies for capturing data - CartonScan and MultiScan in comparison:


  • Captures cartons and cubic articles

  • Preferred use in outgoing goods

  • Functions using ultrasonic technology


  • Captures complex shapes

  • Preferred use in incoming goods 

  • Functions using infrared technology

Shipping simplified. The CartonScan.

Makes all shipping operations much easier for you. The digitally optimized ultrasonic scanner saves you time and money with every package.
Transparent shipping data


Complete package for shipments up to 82 x 82 x 94 cm and 55 kg. Transport trolley separately available.