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You provide innovative plug & play solutions and stand-alone technologies that contribute to the digitization of processes? Then we have the right sales channel for you: digital, customized and based on partnership.

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Plug & Play & Partnership

We are the premier platform for products that quickly and smartly digitize existing processes step by step. Whether for retail, production, workshop or industry – solutions on DIGITAL2GO can be used immediately by companies without much effort to achieve measurable, sustainable improvements in operations.

What does DIGITAL2GO do for partners?

Lead generation without extra effort

DIGITAL2GO stands for innovative products in the field of digitalization: We offer a platform to manufacturers, developers, visionaries and all digital ideas with potential. We are a partner to launch international online and offline marketing campaigns for products. With us, they increase their visibility, create more awareness in their target group and generate leads for sales. For companies, we are a reliable partner in the step-by-step digital optimization of existing processes. We developed this unique trust because we list products that can be used immediately to provide great benefits.

  • Solutions

    On DIGITAL2GO, your product is listed together with other, innovative products on the basis of their application possibilities. This makes it easy for prospective customers to discover it via search engines.

  • Advertising concept

    Less is more. We focus on the relevant USP and features to get straight to the point: the added value of your products. Your content will be prepared in a way that's easy to understand and highly relevant.

  • Campaigns

    Your product will benefit from our expertise with online marketing and precision targeting. We know the measures that yield success and constantly optimize so that your product will reach the right target group.

Your leads belong in your inbox

Our partners get what they want: Leads. All inquiries are first processed for you by the DIGITAL2GO helpdesk. Then they are passed on to the manufacturers and the right contact person. Through DIGITAL2GO, you receive relevant, interested, and qualified leads for your product.

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Five good reasons to become a partner now

Instant visibility and wide reach

With DIGITAL2GO, you can reach your target group quickly and easily - without having to do any online marketing yourself. Your product will be seen by companies looking for effective solutions for their pain points.

Measurable results

Through our precise data analysis, we at DIGITAL2GO make interest and lead generation measurable. With us, you learn whether your product is well received by potential customers and why someone is interested in your product. The analysis data is sent to you regularly in our concise reports.

Messages that resonate

Let our experts market your product to generate more interest in it. We communicate valuable messages that inspire curiosity and trust in your customers.

Utilize product synergies

Present your product in the context of other innovative digitization solutions. You will benefit from increased attention and receive even more relevant prospects.

Boost your reputation as an innovator

Boost your reputation as an innovator As a renowned platform for innovative products, DIGITAL2GO already enjoys the trust of many respected companies. Strengthen your image in the field of digital optimization as an official partner.

Let's make progress together

You want to showcase your product on DIGITAL2GO? We would be happy to help you personally.

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Together to get more done – we make B2B lead generation easy


How do you become a DIGITAL2GO partner?

We are digital first, but emphasize personal interaction. DIGITAL2GO Operations will contact you to discuss your digitization solution. Get in touch with us!

1. Establishing contact
You have an innovative digitization solution? Schedule a free consultation today or connect with us via contact form or phone.
2. Package proposal
Tailored to your digitization technology, you will receive a proposal for a package that precisely addresses your needs and requirements.
3. Maturity-Check
Products on DIGITAL2GO guarantee high quality and efficiency, so we subject all of them to a market readiness analysis from the user's perspective.

B2B leads for your competitive edge. With DIGITAL2GO for partners.

Get in touch now to showcase your product on DIGITAL2GO and generate high quality leads.