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Deploy, manage, and orchestrate precious data in your assets.

Monitor operations and increase efficiency at your premises with 5G Suite: an all-embracing toolset for end-to-end IoT solutions.

Empower machines and assets with 5G

Take advantage of 5G Suite - a dedicated enterprise-grade solution to connect and orchestrate all systems and applications and deploy new use cases.

Connectivity through multi-mode, network-agnostic edge computing hardware with dedicated operating systems. A powerful orchestration platform designed to simplify application networking and device monitoring. The 5G Suite elements combine into a complete toolset to enhance machines, processes, and a multitude of IoT applications with 5G connectivity.

Make better decisions for your business

Even your simplest processes and assets are glowing with untapped digital potential. With 5G Suite, you can transform invisible data into better decisions, unlocking a myriad of use cases and unforeseen business models. It makes connectivity and computing easy with edge processing hardware and a powerful orchestration platform to control the entire lifecycle of many IoT devices and applications. Integrate any assets at your manufacturing site or warehouse and always be sure of the systems’ security and data privacy.

  • Digitize existing physical assets

    Connect thousands of devices across multiple facilities under secure overarching networking. 5G Suite allows computing a wide variety of applications, software scripts, and analytical data processing at the far edge with straightforward remote management.

  • Remotely orchestrate your resources

    5G Suite ensures proper operations thanks to real-time control of highly distributed devices. It optimizes virtual networking for applications with isolation and security features, helping to enable IoT use cases faster with infrastructure terraformed and managed by an orchestration platform.

  • Easy and secure management of applications

    Deploy your containerized applications in an extremely simplified way. Interconnect IoT systems and compute resources in a hybrid cloud environment. Track real-time and historical point-to-point performance of applications with the Orchestration platform.

5G Suite

Manage any assets

Localize physical assets and improve efficiency

A 5G IoT solution for tracking, localizing, and monitoring virtually any type of asset on your premises. Low-cost battery-powered IoT devices deployed in non-intrusive ways to create an intelligent “digital replica” of your warehouse or shop floor available 24/7, from anywhere. More than just representing assets and processes on a screen, it allows you to leverage your hidden data across all operations into reduced costs, improved efficiency, and sustainability.

Maximize outcome through real-time reaction

5G Suite enables real-time actions based on changes in the environment and plug-and-play functionalities. Easily and quickly add new data sources supporting different wired and wireless communication technologies supporting different communication protocols with complete visibility on all devices, maintenance-free. Reduce downtime through automated triggers for key events.

Save production time through automatization

By providing real-time data from physical assets, 5G Suite enables remote control, maintenance, and generation of digital twins using information collected and transmitted by the 5G IoT Gateway. The physical asset is equipped with industrial sensors and a 5G AI innovative device with a dedicated high-performance MPU for edge computing of machine learning algorithms.

Ensure proper operations

Set up reliable and non-intrusive probes to monitor the compute capacity, performance, latency, jitter, and bandwidth between virtual and physical assets – all in a straightforward orchestration platform with zero-trust access and the most advanced security protocols.

Do you have any questions?

We would be happy to help you personally.

Our customer-centric approach

No two businesses are the same. Our customizable 5G Suite fully adapts to customers’ needs and use cases throughout the entire process.

1. Challenges analysis
Your company’s stakeholders from various sectors will be invited to a workshop that’s specifically dedicated to understanding and analyzing your requirements.
2. Preparation
The implementation plan is prepared based on your needs. With the remote support from the IT department, you can easily deploy the hardware at your premises.
3. Solution
After the 5G Suite is implemented, your employees are guided on how to use the Online Platform and see the precious data directly from your assets, in near-real time.

5G Suite

Security and data privacy as top priorities

Thanks to ultra-wide broadband, ultra-reliable low latency, and massive capacity for machine communication, 5G connectivity has released enterprises from the constraints of wired connections. 5G systems are now trustworthy platforms for a large variety of services, providing resilience, communication security, and data privacy.

"In addition to improving production and warehouse logistics efficiency, we can use location systems for collective security protection. For example, sensors can detect if an employee is too close to a machine or has entered a dangerous zone. The safety of our employees is our overriding goal, and this solution supports its implementation."
Artur Grynkiewicz, Präsident von Valmont Polska

Easily and securely integrate and deploy new use cases

Industrial-grade toolset to connect and orchestrate all systems and applications, with extreme 5G wireless connectivity for IoT solutions.
IoT device management

5G Suite

End-to-end solution consisting of 5G IoT Gateway, Operating System, Orchestration Platform and different sensors for integrating use cases. Adjusted to your needs, made to help you better manage your operations and decision-making process.