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Use the flexible PICTOFiT Content Management System to digitally create your fashion photos, saving you time and money that you’d otherwise spend on elaborate photo shoots.

Smart & scalable – create your fashion photos digitally

Fashion photos created efficiently and digitally

Selling premium products only works with fashion photos of equally high quality. The e-commerce sector, in particular, constantly requires realistic, detailed product photos to convert successfully. Creating product photos on time and economically, however, is a never-ending challenge. Organizing photo shoots is complex as they require coordinating photographers, models, studios, image rights and other aspects, all of which make your expenses rise. Fashion photos are created under immense time pressure as the images need to be finished as quickly as possible to be used in catalogs, online stores and sales talks. The PICTOFiT Content Management System (CMS) converts your existing photos of clothes and models in such a way that you can neatly adapt the outfits created to your virtual models, allowing you to digitally and economically produce realistic fashion photos and save time and hassle.

How PICTOFiT can benefit you

The intelligent fashion photo solution

PICTOFiT is an intelligent Content Management System used to convert existing photos of products/models with the help of AI, which you can then use to digitally create different outfits and virtually dress digital models and avatars, enabling you to generate fashion photos in a scalable way. Based on a high-performance artificial intelligence, it virtually and precisely adapts your existing photos of items and models to the body of the realistic avatar allowing you to create amazing outfits for highly detailed fashion photos without ever leaving your computer. As a CMS, PICTOFiT works with every browser, enabling you to flexibly produce high-quality images as you can interactively create outfits and dress models on your photos to see how they look. Perfect for designing collections, catalogs and product presentations for sales appointments. Of course, you can also immediately upload your images to your online store. All elements such as items, outfits, models, backgrounds etc. can be combined endlessly as PICTOFiT merges them in milliseconds. The CMS is easy to use and your images do not need to be technically integrated or adapted. Effectively, you are creating your fashion photos in post-production which is much more efficient in terms of time and money than taking photos of all those different combinations of outfits and models.

  • Create photos more efficiently

    Turn your Ghost Mannequin Shots – existing photos of products and models – into realistic photos with PICTOFiT. Elements only need to be captured once. After that, outfits and models can be combined infinitely using the CMS. This allows you to implement changes and variations much more efficiently as no additional shoots are required.

  • Localized & versatile

    With PICTOFiT’s possibilities, you always have the right model for every setting. Upload your own photos of models or select them from the existing image collections to adapt photos using various poses, ethnicities, body types as well as neutral mannequins. Without incurring any of the costs of conventional photo shoots, you can thus localize and vary your product images.

  • Mix & match for more sustainability

    Shooting new products usually generates costs related to labor, travel and material. Every single combination of outfits with a model requires additional resources. With PICTOFiT you can use photos you already have. When it comes to backgrounds, you can switch between virtual settings or let the products stand for themselves. Once uploaded, you can then use and combine all your photos again and again.


Increased value

Realistic, high-resolution fashion photos

PICTOFiT turns existing as well as new photos of models and items of clothing into life-like fashion photos that can then be pasted into real-world and virtual settings. The perfect product photos thus created can immediately be used in online stores, for catalogs or presentations. Download them in whatever way you need them: optimized for web or mobile use or in maximum resolution.

Limitless combinations

You upload your images of items of clothing and models separately, the PICTOFiT CMS converts them. After that, you can combine them endlessly, offering an infinite number of combinations, reducing costs and effort and allowing you to add new images without incurring any additional costs.

One shoot is enough

With PICTOFiT you only need to take one photo of every model and item of clothing. All existing photos that you upload can be used without limit. Of course, you can also add new ones at any time, for instance when colors are altered or changes made. Using the CMS, you have complete control of your photos so you never have to take new ones when new outfit combinations, backgrounds or standalone images are needed.

Top quality

First, the PICTOFiT AI converts all product photos. It recognizes the photo when it is uploaded and converts it according to the CMS’s requirements. When you’re done adapting an outfit to a model, a manual quality assurance process is carried out. Your fashion photos are only complete when fully reviewed and approved by you.

Thorough upload

The PICTOFiT CMS’s fully integrated upload check makes sure that you only upload high-quality, suitable photos. The exact requirements a photo needs to meet are defined in the specifications, guaranteeing smooth conversion. In case you upload an unsuitable photo, the system automatically filters it out. A fault message tells you why it was discarded so that you can edit the image or upload the correct version the system can work with.

See how PICTOFiT works in 12 seconds

This video provides a quick overview of the use case of this CMS for the digital creation of fashion photos.

How PICTOFiT works:

Fast, smart and stand-alone: You can use PICTOFiT immediately in your company.

1. Upload images
Upload existing photos of models and clothes to the PICTOFiT CMS once and the AI prepares them to be used for virtual outfits.
2. Create fashion photos
Arrange models, outfits and backgrounds to create realistic, smart and scalable fashion photos – just the way you need them.
3. Save time and money
Clothes and models can be combined indefinitely, your images are immediately available as realistic, high-resolution fashion photos.

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"The PICTOFiT platform consistently created high-quality virtual garments from physical samples in a matter of minutes. It is the state of the art and it will be a game changer for brands and retailers that use it."

See how PICTOFiT works in under 10 seconds

This video provides a quick overview of the use case of this CMS for the digital creation of fashion photos.

Fashion photos without photo shoots. The PICTOFiT CMS.

The PICTOFiT Content Management System allows you to create high-quality fashion photos quickly, flexibly and completely digitally in your browser for immediate use. This saves time and costs compared to conventional product photo shoots.
Create fashion photos digitally


Software solution. Billing: flat rate or pay-per-use for every finished image.