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Goods receipt and issue should be less of an issue?

Scan, photograph and you're done. Digitize your goods traffic and optimize it, assisted by data. Now you can move your merchandise faster and more reliably with solutions from DIGITAL2GO.

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Simple solutions

You don't have to revolutionize everything to increase efficiency. You have to rethink it.

There are many small, individual steps that make up goods traffic. What if you could digitize them one by one and gain measurable benefits to increase efficiency in your company? DIGITAL2GO will help you to focus on the exact areas where technological innovations will deliver the most value.

Paint points

Simple inputs, excellent outputs.

A multi-layered area requires versatile solutions. A little error in the workflow can lead to many further complications in incoming and outgoing goods down the road. DIGITAL2GO makes it easier to design operations in the company more effectively, ensure high quality, and optimize with the right digitalization tools. Every single action with our products creates decisive advantages by itself. Each additional one will bring you even more significant benefits in the end.

  • Zero transparency in the warehouse?

    Nobody knows precisely how many products there are currently in the warehouse? Necessary data for shipping is not immediately available? Secure master data shows exact capacities and enables you to plan everything digitally. Allowing you to free up more space in the warehouse where it is needed.

  • Your process can't be planned?

    One moment there's too much going on, then operations come to a standstill? If individual steps are automated and digitally recorded, the instantly available data can be of immediate use. Everything is reliably booked, packed, and checked. This makes ongoing processes predictable and reliable.

  • Complaints costly and time-consuming?

    Complaints and labeling cause an endless series of problems? When you automatize and digitize your processes, error-prone factors are no longer an issue. All steps are made clear, all crucial information is made available.

Significant benefits for your business

Automated workflows cause fewer problems

Data at last

Just a tiny screw or a seal ring? It makes no difference to our scanners and measuring devices. They can measure a wide range of dimensions in the millimeter range and capture the data at the push of a button.

Smooth operations

Reduce processing and posting errors by storing master data digitally and fully automated. Your evaluations become reliable, and you can check the actual status at all times. Only when your data is sufficiently accurate can you make the right decisions.

Easy dispatch

Data is needed at every step: addresses, delivery times, customs declarations, weight, quantity, etc. When each person involved in the process is provided with the necessary information and tools, everyone's job is simplified.

Total transparency

Imagine knowing what condition your goods are doing at any time. Even after they have left your production floor. Improved data compilation reduces stress in dealing with claims and documentation for warranties.

The best way to implement our solutions? Step by step.

We are happy to discuss the right technologies for your needs in person. All you have to do is take the first step.

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DIGITAL2GO helps to digitize your incoming and outgoing goods - step-by-step

From the DIGITAL2GO magazine

Efficient order picking and precise overviews of the warehouse capacity utilization

At the headquarters of Cube Bikes, high-quality bicycles are assembled on more than 35,000 m2 and packed with the necessary equipment ready for transport. Storage of bulky parts also takes place there. The master data collection station, MultiScan, helps with warehouse management. That way, Cube Bikes succeeds in more efficient use of storage space and order picking.
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"Products from DIGITAL2GO provide us with exactly the data we need straightforwardly. From our point of view, they completely fulfill the requirements of the new digital logistics world in the age of Industry 4.0."
"We can now catalog all items and optimally group orders according to their volume. As a result, we can now process more orders faster."
“Information is the cornerstone for optimizing our supply chain. For example, we can now handle packaging selection directly from the customer order."

Our products for optimized processes

Digital transformation requires different approaches for specific areas. We provide you with several products to choose from to solve a range of problems and concerns, and generate competitive advantages. Perfectly tailored for all industries and applicable in any infrastructure.
Digitize product master data in real time


For products with maximum dimensions of max. 800 x 640 x 470 mm or max. 1200 x 640 x 470 mm

Secure goods dispatches

ivii photostation

All-in-one photo station for fully automated image documentation. Buy once and reduce costs.

Transparent shipping data


Complete package for shipments up to 82 x 82 x 94 cm and 55 kg. Transport trolley separately available.