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Safe enterprise network & WLAN services

The basis of digitization: professional LAN and WLAN. After surveying your operational environment, you receive a safe and comprehensive all-round solution for your requirements including individual monitoring and support model.

Complete and safe networking

LNC Enterprise Net is a complete LAN & Wi-Fi network solution for the operational environment. This service provides the infrastructure to secure your work. We determine your precise requirements based on a site survey and develop critical factors and usage scenarios to determine consistent availability at all points. Scalable, stable networks provide process digitization, increased security and error reduction in many areas.

How can LNC Enterprise Net benefit you?

Hassle-free networking from any location

LNC Enterprise Net saves you time as you do not have to configure your network or Wi-Fi to ensure compliance with all your requirements. Networks must, first of all, function reliably. The site survey defines operational access points. Besides consultation and the design of your network, you do not have to worry about the configuration of necessary hardware and software at your location and about individual support models. Professional networks allow for reliable, consistent working for all persons and devices.

  • Precisely according to your plan

    Are there areas in your company with inadequate reception? Is your network too slow in critical phases? Requirements are determined on-site in a special site survey or based on the plan as we define a concept for what is really needed, no matter whether hotspot, security, VoIP, commissioning, high density, etc. There is always someone on-site and at your side.

  • Consistent improvement of around-the-clock networking

    Is your connection causing you problems on a regular basis? LNC Enterprise Net always remains up to date with software and security updates that ensure optimal functionality of your infrastructure. Our smart features ensure intelligent precautionary measures and detailed analyses in order to avoid standstills and network scaling at any time.

  • Carefree with individual service

    Are sudden downtimes causing large-scale impacts? On-going monitoring makes it possible to act with foresight and react in good time in order to immediately resolve disruptions in your connection. We completely take care of the running infrastructure with managed service.

LNC Enterprise Net

Increased value

Individually scalable

With LNC Enterprise Net, you can start your network small and expand as needed. We can even ensure comprehensive quality of your network across multiple locations if your company operates at multiple locations in various countries.

Controlled implementation

We are happy to install the hardware, software and services necessary for your operation according to plan and ensure that everything works. Hardware: WLAN access points, network switches, controller appliances/virtual software/licenses/services, central configuration/management, and automation/orchestration.

Comprehensive expertise

Our network and WLAN technicians are multi-certified. On-going training and advanced training courses for all employees ensure the most up-to-date expertise.

Comprehensive experience

Safely configuring networks of all types is remarkably complex. For all projects, we rely on our varied, international and longstanding project experience in this area.

Do you have any questions?

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How LNC Enterprise Net works

Fast, smart and stand-alone: You can use LNC Enterprise Net immediately in your company.

1. Site survey
After an initial consultation, we ascertain your requirements on-site or based on extensive planning. We determine what is needed in your situation and where and then prepare a detailed concept.
2. Realization
We implement, install and fully integrate the hardware and software required for your LAN or WLAN and all necessary services within your enterprise.
3. Efficient working
A safe solution allows for hassle-free working throughout your entire enterprise, at every point and location. Thus, you avoid downtimes and are able to scale your network at any time.

Optimally networked in all work environments. LNC Enterprise Net.

Configure a professional network and WLAN for your purposes. Our solution is precisely adapted to your requirements at all locations. You can fully digitize your enterprise, use a secure network, and work without the hassle of connection problems.
Safe enterprise LAN/WLAN

LNC Enterprise Net

Comprehensive all-round solution for professional LAN and WLAN networks.