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The optimal shift plan at the push of a button

redPILOT® PLANNER helps you create optimal shift plans taking into account all expertise, availability and targets. The teamAPP makes communication within teams easier, faster & more flexible.

redPILOT® PLANNER & the teamAPP

Optimize your personnel planning & team communication

PLANNER helps managers, shift planners and team leaders compile the ideal team for every shift. Often the planning process is complicated, but it can be simplified, sped up and made more flexible. An ideal supplement is the teamAPP, which offers many options to integrate employees into the planning – from sending individual work time preferences to offers to team members to fill a shift.


The best plan shift by shift

PLANNER makes shift planning easier and faster. This smart software takes into account all factors relevant to planning, such as employee availability, employee qualifications and machine capacities. Then it creates a suggestion for the best team makeup at the push of a button. PLANNER is the ideal tool for optimum personnel deployment – shift by shift.

redPILOT® teamAPP

Smart integration of the entire team

The teamAPP shows your employees the shift plan at all times on their smartphones. They can send preferred work hours or submit vacation requests and doctors’ notes. If a shift cannot be filled unexpectedly, the shift can be offered in the teamAPP to other employees to fill the shift – quickly, easily and smoothly.

What are the benefits of redPILOT®?

Create shift plans faster and easier

Personnel deployment planning is normally complex and time-consuming regardless of whether your company only works with full-time workers or employs full-time, part-time and temporary employees. Especially if you have complex personnel structures. In addition, there are last-minute changes such as absences due to illness or vacation requests that add additional complication to creating shift plans. With redPILOT® PLANNER, teams can be precisely adjusted as needed per shift. If the teamAPP is also used, your employees can view shifts plans online and have many options for participating in the scheduling process.

  • Shifts plans at the push of a button

    redPILOT® PLANNER gives team and shift supervisors all relevant data for personnel planning. Based on the availability and qualifications of every employee, a shift plan that is precisely adjusted to the current needs can be created at the push of a button.

  • Lower costs from precise planning

    The people in charge often resort to overplanning personnel needs to ensure that shifts are sufficiently filled. redPILOT® PLANNER makes it possible to fill every shift as well as possible when it comes to staffing levels and qualifications. We can avoid overplanning and permanently reduce costs.

  • A new kind of team communication

    The teamAPP brings communication to a new level between the people responsible for planning and their teams. Because individual work time preferences or vacation requests can be sent directly, planning flexibility is increased, and organizational work is strongly reduced.

Take 3 minutes to see how redPILOT® PLANNER works

In this video, we give you a brief overview of the facts, functions and use cases of the redPILOT® software solution.

Take 2 minutes to see how the redPILOT® teamAPP works

In this video, we give you a brief overview of the facts, functions and use cases of the redPILOT® teamAPP.

Sustainably fit for the future

No bottlenecks, no waste

redPILOT® PLANNER makes it possible to recognize bottlenecks and overcapacities at an early stage so that every shift can be filled and precisely adjusted to the performance target. The utilization rate as well as use of the existing infrastructure are significantly improved. That is why no additional space or machine capacities need to be created. If the teamAPP is used, managers and personnel both benefit from increased planning transparency. At the same time, the broad range of opportunities to provide direct input increase employee satisfaction for everyone.

redPILOT® PLANNER & the teamAPP

Good plan, low costs

Exact personnel planning with foresight

The redPILOT® planning tool makes it possible to optimally utilize available employees for operations – shift by shift. At the push of a button, a detailed operation or staffing plan is created by including all relevant factors.

Greater flexibility

Planning flexibility greatly increases if the teamAPP is also used. Employees share their work time preferences right in the app, and shifts can easily be exchanged with other coworkers.

Easy system integration

redPILOT® PLANNER is installed as a cloud solution, and companies do not need their own IT infrastructure. Integration to existing company systems is easy. The optional teamAPP runs on all standard smartphones and tablets and functions in a browser-based environment. It is not tied to any special operating system.

Expert support from redPILOT®

Depending on the difficulty of implementation, the redPILOT® solution is either set up remotely or on-site by a technician. Our contractual, customized help desk service ensures smooth operation. If desired, 24/7 support is available for malfunctions.

Greater employee satisfaction

Flexible work time planning and participation in the scheduling process are playing an increasingly greater role in workplace selection and are guaranteed by the teamAPP: Individual work time preferences are sent by smartphone and can be flexibly taken into account during planning.

Increase your attractiveness as an employer

PLANNER and the teamAPP will give your business a modern image because conventionally created shift plans without participation in the scheduling process will be a thing of the past. You will be perceived as a modern, attractive employer that gives their teams a comprehensive right to participate.

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How personnel planning with redPILOT® works:

Fast, smart, and stand-alone: This allows you to immediately use redPILOT® at your business.

1. Import data
Simple import of order & employee data and flexible configuration of system & process data.
2. Holistic planning
The data is used to create the best possible shift plan at the push of a button.
3. Increase performance
You will receive an optimized personnel deployment plan, will achieve greater performance and save on costs.
redPILOT® in the magazine

Less idle time due to process optimization at EDEKA Rhein-Ruhr

All daily processes in food retailing are subject to seasonal, regional and weekly fluctuations. redPILOT provides a suitable software solution for the trading company EDEKA Rhein-Ruhr, which enables comprehensive proactive planning across seven logistics sites, approximately 1,000 markets and 3,250 employees. Resources are now being utilized in a targeted and flexible manner, which has allowed EDEKA to increase its average performance and reduce operating costs.
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“Thanks to redPILOT® PLANNER and the teamAPP we now save 3.5 hours per week when we create deployment plans. Personnel needs can be determined by one click, and employee availability no longer needs to be clarified by phone calls.”
"Given the complex operating conditions that change almost daily, we chose a software solution that would streamline our operations and offer potential to save costs while improving our performance."
"In order to expand competitive advantages, it's important to analyze your own value chains in detail. Mapping the processes in redPILOT® lets us gain multiple perspectives on them and selectively change process steps."

Intelligent software for personnel planning & team communication

Create optimal shift plans by mouse click, and enable your employees to have a wide variety of opportunities to provide direct input with the app.
Personnel deployment planning tool


Comprehensive software solution for efficiently creating optimal shift plans