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redPILOT® Operational Excellence Solution
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The holistic resource planning software

Holistically optimize operational processes in all logistics areas in real time. The integrated software solution redPILOT® helps you operate more efficiently.

Ideal conditions for all operations

Reliable planning was almost impossible in supply chains until now, because the challenges are too diverse: resources such as personnel, machines, environment and goods all have to be taken into account, requirements are constantly changing and numerous different influencing factors act in real time. Keeping track and managing operations was hard work based on human experience - until now. redPILOT® lets you strategically design operational plans for all factors and communicate them more easily with all employees. This allows you to create the ideal plan for your team, taking into account skills, availabilities, costs and workload. The software works out the optimal state for all operations in your facility.

No bottlenecks, no downtime

Once redPILOT® is active, your warehouse will soon be running smoothly. The software takes all your resources into consideration in order to develop an optimal operating plan based on them.

  • Personnel

    Coordinate and allocate competencies, responsibilities and availabilities with a targeted approach.

  • Machines

    Leverage capacities, functions, settings and capabilities for your advantage.

  • Environment

    Include energy for implementation and space requirements for storage and machinery in your calculations.

  • Requirements

    Consider order structures, delivery times, general conditions as well as short-term fluctuations at all times.

How can redPILOT® benefit you?

Optimal use of all resources

This intelligent software solution holistically handles the daily resource planning for your team. redPILOT® finds the best possible configuration of all resources, aligns them with your team and ensures that all factors work together effectively. This saves you costs and increases your performance. All competencies and available times are brought together in a sophisticated, rule-based system, allowing all employees to schedule their own assignments. The operational scheduling function in the software lets you finally plan ahead. With redPILOT® you can create coordinated schedules, recognize bottlenecks and surplus capacities earlier and can respond in time to ensure that all resources are always deployed efficiently. Staff and management will have a common interface to schedule work directly, transparently and collaboratively. Everyone in the company can optimize planning in the future - and everyone will be significantly more satisfied.

  • Holistic in real time

    The functions of redPILOT® assign all the countless operating variables in real-time. Your team, your scheduling, and the demand of the respective scenarios are the basis for resource allocation. Enter the data of all orders, together with your staff's availabilities and competencies, and you can determine the achievable output. You can manage all resources, evaluate variable demand factors, and achieve your goals at the lowest possible cost. In most cases, you'll even exceed them.

  • Better teamwork

    Communication between employees and warehouse managers significantly improves with redPILOT®. It distributes tasks transparently, based on competencies. In the teamAPP, employees can directly enter their desired working hours online. Personnel planners can release schedules and confirm sick leave. Company or legal framework conditions are defined in advance and automatically applied. Everyone knows what's happening and can proactively participate in the decision-making process, increasing the performance and satisfaction of everyone in the team.

  • Automated with algorithm

    redPILOT® plans the use of all available resources for you in a forward-looking manner. A specially developed algorithm detects bottlenecks and overcapacity in operations. It checks all personnel, systems, energy, space, and material and calculates how the team can achieve the best overall result, even for individual shifts. You receive detailed, automatically developed operational schedules and proposals for action that let you plan resources as efficiently as possible.

How redPILOT® works

Swift, smart, stand-alone: You can use redPILOT® in your operation right away.

1. Import data
Import system, process, job and employee data into the software.
2. Plan holistically
All available resources are planned holistically, for maximum benefit.
3. Improve performance
Get a holistic operational plan, achieve best performance and save costs.

Watch how the redPILOT® PLANNER works in 3 minutes

This video will give you a brief overview of the facts, features, and use cases of the redPILOT® PLANNER.


Watch how the redPILOT® teamAPP works in 2 minutes

This video will give you a brief overview of the facts, features, and use cases of the redPILOT® teamAPP.


Added value to go

5% lower personnel costs

Companies working with redPILOT® have been able to achieve a reduction in personnel costs of 5% per year up to now. This is despite fluctuations and confirmed by monthly financial reports. Currently, 41 sites are already using the solution, and many more are currently working to implement it.

Decreasing costs

Holistic operational planning across all processes reduces the use of personnel and machinery available, including servicing. You save on resources and reduce your costs per unit delivered.

Higher quality, less effort

Reduce your effort while increasing the quality of work. Rule-based, automatic resource allocation makes it easier for you to plan operations.

Satisfied employees

Transparency in the management of employees, competencies, and training initiatives leads to greater flexibility and autonomy for your employees. As a result, you increase satisfaction, staff retention and motivation in the workplace.


redPILOT® can be used in virtually any industry, including general retail, eCommerce, grocery, fashion & apparel, electronics, pharma/healthcare, distribution and fulfillment centers with many employees and even the most complex systems.

Seamless integration

The redPILOT® software can be used immediately in any system, regardless of ERP, WMS, WES or WCS.

redPILOT in the magazine

Less idle time due to process optimization at EDEKA Rhein-Ruhr

All daily processes in food retailing are subject to seasonal, regional and weekly fluctuations. redPILOT provides a suitable software solution for the trading company EDEKA Rhein-Ruhr, which enables comprehensive proactive planning across seven logistics sites, approximately 1,000 markets and 3,250 employees. Resources are now being utilized in a targeted and flexible manner, which has allowed EDEKA to increase its average performance and reduce operating costs.
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"Anyone who uses redPILOT® to do their target/actual planning can immediately see the differences. The subtleties in the comparison are what actually make synergies and savings effects possible."
"Given the complex operating conditions that change almost daily, we chose a software solution that would streamline our operations and offer potential to save costs while improving our performance."
"In order to expand competitive advantages, it's important to analyze your own value chains in detail. Mapping the processes in redPILOT® lets us gain multiple perspectives on them and selectively change process steps."

A massive shift towards optimizing your operations with every shift. The redPILOT® solution.

Intelligent, fully automated planning of your team and all resources using redPILOT® will help you to work efficiently and save costs.
Optimization software

redPILOT® Operational Excellence Solution

Holistically optimize operational processes in all logistics areas in real time.