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Increase quality and find the right personnel

End-to-end quality check for error-free assembly. ivii smartdesk digitizes expertise for assembly, keeps knowledge at your company, and helps prevent assembly errors by real-time feedback.

Enables employees to work like specialists

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find assembly specialists. This is exactly where ivii smartdesk comes into play. You can train ivii smartdesk without any IT knowledge at all, and it learns as it goes to help you step-by-step during productive operations. This digitized knowledge is available forever to anyone at your company. Mistakes are recognized immediately, and all finished subassemblies are checked seamlessly and documented, which ensures they are always assembled correctly.

Error-free assembly thanks to our step-by-step assistance

ivii smartdesk is a digital assembly table with AI-supported optical recognition for ongoing quality control and securing knowledge at your company. Your specialists teach subassemblies to ivii smartdesk, digitize instructions, and can pass on and add to the instructions at any time using the table. Every production step is visually supported and helped with real-time feedback so that employees can work from the very beginning without making any errors. As a smart assistance system, ivii smartdesk is the ideal help for assembly and the simplest way to always achieve correct assembly.

  • Help with personnel shortages

    Do you have a shortage of specialists? Are your long-term employees retiring? ivii smartdesk enables you to have a larger pool of applicants: technical knowledge is not needed, and language barriers are removed by our digital assistant. Our smart assembly table leads you through all steps because of its real-time instructions and visual checks so that even inexperienced employees can work productively and error-free after a very short time.

  • Digital perfection eliminates complaint costs

    Are your costs for material, personnel, and quality control increasing? ivii smartdesk automatically recognizes assembly errors, and your employees can correct them immediately. Your number of complaints will be reduced immediately. You will save on costs for reworking, personnel, and recruiting as well as cost of goods sold.

  • Highest quality for every work step

    Is it difficult to maintain your level of quality? Is your team stressed? Our AI-assisted optical recognition checks subassemblies at every step and gives real-time feedback. Instead of individual random sampling, all parts are completely checked and documented automatically. Your employees can rest assured that everything is always assembled correctly.

ivii smartdesk

Increased value

The digital workbench

Companies that use ivii smartdesk can make jobs more attractive since our digital help makes assembly much easier. The pool of possible personnel suddenly becomes larger, and new employees can immediately work in an error-free way. Our smart workbench liberates companies and applicants from specialized qualifications.

Taking on small-scale production and customization

It used to be tedious to adjust production for short runs or customizing. This has now changed with ivii smartdesk. The machine learns typical subassemblies in approximately ten minutes. Customized subassemblies and small batch sizes can even be immediately made in an error-free way by new employees because processes are shown step-by-step. This flexibility gives you the ability to quickly convert to different applications, allowing you to ensure that your production runs at full capacity.

Train skilled employees without introduction time

A lack of specialists, insufficient numbers of new employees, and long-standing employees retiring are imminent for everyone in their assembly departments. The intuitive user guidance that ivii smartdesk has reduces training time to an absolute minimum. This allows employees without previous knowledge to grow into specialists.

Automate long-term knowledge management

All manual steps that your specialists perform can be digitized by ivii smartdesk according to your quality standards. This allows everyone to access instructions and knowledge. In less than one hour after initial operation, you have a productive system that gives all of your employees the knowledge that your experts have. This gives your company secure knowledge transfer and automates long-term knowledge management. The instructions that the machine makes can be updated, added to, duplicated, and distributed at any time.

Consistent quality control and documentation

Quality checks normally just take place randomly. However, the digital power of ivii smartdesk’s AI-supported optical recognition naturally checks every step, gives feedback at all times, and continually does this for all subassemblies. ivii smartdesk completely documents all work steps and completed subassemblies – without additional effort and with full automation.

Relief for your specialists

Specialists are more and more under pressure because of production volumes, outages, or vacations. You can add employees with ivii smartdesk, relieve your team, and counteract personnel shortages. After your assemblers have taught the instructions to the digital assembly table with a vision system, practically any person can work with the assistance system without making errors even without training. At the end of the day, your employees will go home calmly because they will know that they have done everything correctly.

"It is important to us to be able to continually deliver the highest quality – regardless of fluctuations and the current labor market situation. That is why we rely on Artificial Intelligence and utilize ivii smartdesk. The constant quality checks allow errors to be avoided, and employee satisfaction increases."
"It is very motivating for our employees to use ivii smartdesk. It is almost like playing a game. They do not view the feedback as monitoring but as a welcome help to perform their work with the best quality in the least amount of time so that they can reach our goals."
ivii smartdesk in the magazine

The smart assembly workstation at RIKA

With over 200 staff and a state-of-the-art fleet of machinery, RIKA Blechkomponenten GmbH is one of Austria’s top five companies for the contract manufacturing of sheet metal parts. Like many of its peers, however, RIKA has also been hit hard by the shortage of skilled labour. This prompted it to seek solutions for assembling sheet metal parts using new, often inexperienced staff – and this is where the ivii smartdesk comes in.
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How ivii smartdesk works

Fast, smart, and stand-alone: You can use ivii smartdesk immediately in your company.

1. Putting ivii smartdesk into operation
ivii smartdesk is ready for use when delivered. You just need electricity and a network connection.
2. earning work steps
Your specialists train ivii smartdesk, and it continues to learn. On average, it needs only about ten minutes to learn a subassembly and requires no IT specialists.
3. Assemble without errors
Sign in, enter the job, and ivii smartdesk leads employees through all of the necessary steps. It gives real-time feedback if there are deviations. This is how every subassembly is produced without errors.

Sustainably fit for the future

The digital upgrade for attractive workplaces

Specialists are hard to find but are essential. That is why it is important to make new skills easy for them to learn like a game. When your employees have ivii smartdesk, they have a digital assistant that helps them do their work with complete support and without errors – regardless of their technical and language skills. This secures sustainably designed workplaces and helps your employees with their tasks, causing your employees to become much more satisfied. Quality without errors also means that you do not waste any precious resources, that you reduce returns, and that you reduce your CO₂ emissions.

Digital assistance for error-free assembly

Take 90 seconds to see how ivii smartdesk works

Your expertise in every work step. ivii smartdesk.

Makes it easy for you to pass information on at your company and to ensure that subassemblies are correctly assembled at every step. Help your employees to work reliably without making errors.
Digital workbench for error-free subassemblies

ivii smartdesk

Assembly table with a completely integrated camera system and software. Extensions and add-ons upon request.