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Live display of information for production and logistics

Smart, wireless display systems for digital real-time visualization of information to ensure paperless processing, optimization of workflows and avoidance of costs and errors.

Instantly displayed information for industrial IoT

The LNC IoT Display is a smart display system, allowing for paperless working and simple digitization of your production and logistics processes. All data, changes, locks, instructions, warnings or work steps of the smart factory can be viewed instantaneously. Thus, you can secure processes and shorten reaction times while ensuring complete traceability of all work steps and increasing your operational efficiency.

Increased efficiency through real-time display

LNC IoT Display shows important information such as inventories, locked containers or parts in use in real time on the display and also identifies information instantaneously. Performed and pending work steps are displayed directly and dynamically. An inverse color-code system makes data comprehensible for man and machine. The highly reactive display system can be easily installed, managed and expanded – ideal for industrial use. You can network your production processes, rely on automation and improve processes in your company.

  • Paperless working

    Are all your orders still being processed on paper? LNC IoT Display creates processes dynamically and digitally. You can work with high precision and directly connect systems within your enterprise. All steps are handled rapidly and remain completely traceable, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

  • Commissioning and control combined

    Does your order commissioning take too long? The LNC IoT Display allows for wholly new informational flows and work procedures. The displays instantly depict removed items and the number of still available parts as removals are entered directly. The displays always show the precise current data status and thereby make it possible to avoid errors.

  • Smart inventories and direct orders

    Are you having difficulties updating your inventories? The IoT Display shows product information, order status and delivery dates – always up to date and in real time. You receive a complete overview and can reorder parts directly from the display. Thereby you can reduce bottlenecks while your work processes remain fluent and transparent.

LNC IoT Display

Increased value

Paperless working

Efficient processes do not fit on paper – a digital display allows you to instantly render new information for employees and machines in real-time. Changes can be implemented immediately without the need to first print out or attach paper. Thus, you can redefine what it means to be efficient and increase sustainability as well as performance within your company.

Smart labels for more service

By means of smart industrial labels, LNC IoT Display is also preparing for Industry 4.0. By combining a scale and weight sensor, you receive the current data status and can trigger services such as instant automatic reordering.

Dynamic information display

The current status of smart containers can always be displayed. An easily recognizable color system with highlights provides the option to also work with texts, images and barcodes (1D/2D) and display the respective current status. A red label shows containers locked by production control; a black label identifies current operational usage.

Live viewable containers

The number, locations and type (full/empty) of containers can be displayed at any time with geolocation and sensors. Installed LEDs on the display can immediately visualize what you are looking for. Quality management processes can also be incrementally automated by means of smart displays.

No battery? No problem.

The LNC IoT NFC Display does not require battery power. You can automatically describe and read out labels on the conveyor technology or at the workplace. NFC labels allow for additional flexibility through intuitive, reciprocal communication – without elaborate maintenance tasks and directly manually from a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet or PDA or with an NFC writer in automation. IoT Displays are thus a sustainable green IT solution for visualizing operational information quickly and reliably.

“The productivity and satisfaction of our employees have increased and our processes have been significantly improved. The reduction of the search times allowed capacities to be freed up and utilised for other tasks.”
Bianca Wittmer, operations expert at TESTEX

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Sustainably fit for the future

Paperless processing with minimal electricity consumption

The LNC IoT Display makes paperless work processes as well as direct and real-time informational changes possible. The display can be reused indefinitely, which already conserves resources. The device is consistently reliable even without battery and maintains an extremely low power consumption even after years of use. Consistent updates ensure that the right information is always available – materials for print-outs, notice boards or label changes are no longer needed.

How LNC IoT Display works

Fast, smart and stand-alone: The LNC IoT Display can immediately be deployed within your enterprise.

1. Install the display system
LNC IoT Display can be easily installed, utilized and scaled. We consult with you regarding optimal integration.
2. Display information
Show all important content dynamically via the smart display. Changes can be executed instantly.
3. Improve your performance
Simple and instant paperless display of information or work steps. You can thereby reduce both costs and errors.

Smart displays for intelligent processes. Das LNC IoT Display.

Show important content with highly dynamic digital displays in real time at the right time and place. You can improve your work processes, reduce errors, avoid downtimes and reduce costs.
Industrial IoT display systems

LNC IoT Display

Smart, wireless e-paper displays and technical integration. Scales and additional sensors available separately.

Significant increase in lab efficiency through the use of digital labels at TESTEX

At the internationally active testing and certification organisation TESTEX, the conversion of the project labelling from paper to digital labels led to a significant optimisation of the lab operations and an increase in employee satisfaction.
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