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This is how data becomes valuable information

Data from company processes can provide valuable information about where there is the most potential for optimization – but to do so your data has to first be collected. We have the ideal end-to-end solution for you, enabling quick and straightforward data collection.

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Comprehensive digital infrastructure

Collect data, and use it profitably

Data is generated everywhere at your company – at every work step and in all systems and processes. However, this data often remains hidden. Our comprehensive solution makes it possible to quickly and easily collect this treasure of data. Data is collected from all areas of your company in real time by the 5G Suite and is provided for further evaluation using a fast, stable, secure LAN or Wi-Fi network.

Comprehensive solution for data collection

Transform data into knowledge

Potentially valuable data often remains unused at companies because the technical environment to collect it does not exist. The solution for this is setting up a fast, reliable, secure network infrastructure for all IT and OT applications. Powerful 5G, LAN and Wi-Fi networks make it possible to have precise, digital insights into processes and procedures at your business, and you can implement optimization actions in a targeted way exactly where they are the most effective.

  • Your company does not have any data?

    Do you want to collect data to analyze your company’s processes? You do not have the technical knowledge? Our comprehensive solution creates the ideal technical environment, and we give your employees the necessary knowledge to be able to perfectly perform this task.

  • Are you having warehouse or production backups?

    Do you have a lot of backups and delays with your material handling equipment? Equip your autonomously or manually operating equipment with sensors that always transmit the position, speed, etc. of the equipment using wireless transmission technology. This will enable you to precisely evaluate paths of travel to quickly rid yourself of problem zones.

  • Optimal collaboration between humans & machines?

    When people work, they are never completely free of mistakes or risks – especially when they are operating machines or material handling equipment. However, when it is possible to collect and analyze the movements of humans & machines, preventive actions can be taken to avoid accidents, and workplace safety can be increased.

Clear benefits for your company

Improving processes with data

Excellent advice and rapid implementation

In the first step, the conditions at your company and your individual requirements are analyzed. Based on this, we create a concept for the ideal configuration of your OT/IT infrastructure, and if desired we are glad to do this while visiting your company and giving personal advice on site. It often only takes a few days until the initial significant data has been collected.

Professional LAN & Wi-Fi services

A stable, fast, secure LAN and Wi-Fi network is the basis for all digital transformation actions at your company – this is exactly what you can achieve with Enterprise Net. You no longer have to worry about network stability at your company with our detailed advice, quick and hassle-free installation of hardware and software, as well as an individual support model.

Comprehensive 5G solution for the Internet of Things (IoT)

The 5G Suite is a complete system consisting of sensors and an optional 5G network that allows you to make data from all assets visible in real time. This is made possible by a smart combination of wireless sensors on equipment and in production plants as well as a state-of-the-art 5G wireless network. The focus is on speed, stability and high data security.

The right sensor for any application

Once the technical infrastructure is in place, a lot of different data can be collected and combined. For example, link the movement data of your material handling equipment with data from machines and systems in order to obtain information about material flows or capacity utilization. The 5G Suite offers the right sensor for every application.

Utilize employees optimally

Humans are superior to machines for many tasks – for example when picking orders of products having a wide variety of types and sizes. However, this can mean a lot of walking in the warehouse. Data can make a significant contribution to improving or simplifying things for your employees. Your order pickers’ steps are analyzed and optimized for future orders. This will save your employees a lot of steps and will save you a lot of money.

Scalable use

We offer you an ideal combination of state-of-the-art technology, individual advice and a scalable service life. You start with a temporary collection phase to gain your first data, and then you are helped by detailed advice as well as precise action recommendations. You also have the choice of whether you only want to use the OT/IT infrastructure temporarily or whether you want to use it permanently.

How can you use our solutions in the best way possible? Step by step.

We would be glad to personally discuss the right technology with you. All you have to do is take the first step.

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With the help of DIGITAL2GO, you can gain valuable knowledge from data.

"Our two systems complement each other perfectly for collecting and analyzing data at your company. The 5G Suite is a high-performance complete solution for collecting process data in real time. You can use Enterprise Net to quickly, dependably and securely provide this data to the correct process level on the ERP side for further profitable use."

Complete solution for OT/IT applications

You can use Enterprise Net and the 5G Suite together to quickly & easily collect data at your company. State-of-the-art hardware and software provide high dependency and security, and individual support models complete the overall solution – regardless of whether you install them permanently in your business or only want to use them temporarily.
IoT device management

5G Suite

End-to-end solution consisting of 5G IoT Gateway, Operating System, Orchestration Platform and different sensors for integrating use cases. Adjusted to your needs, made to help you better manage your operations and decision-making process.

Safe enterprise LAN/WLAN

LNC Enterprise Net

Comprehensive all-round solution for professional LAN and WLAN networks.