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Greater efficiency with smart industrial vehicles?

Greater efficiency with smart industrial vehicles?

You could get more out of your industrial vehicle. Data support allows the fully automated and autonomous handling of internal movements of goods and materials. Implementing these solutions has been costly up until now. DIGITAL2GO makes it easy to use all data for immediate optimization and to save costs.
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Increase productivity, add value

Full speed ahead for the industrial vehicles of the future

Internal logistical work is much easier using transport robots such as Open Shuttle and industrial vehicles such as manual forklifts. Imagine if you could digitize all their movement, optimize use of the vehicles, ensure greater safety and handle your transport tasks better. DIGITAL2GO helps to efficiently set up an innovative fleet management.

Pain Points

The best digital equipment for optimal utilization

Every modern warehouse uses industrial vehicles, but they often lack the resources to optimize them with digital innovations. Open Shuttle works intelligently and autonomously and the sensor technology of SLOC modules increases the connectivity even of existing vehicles, making your forklifts or transport robots even smarter. Many improvements are only possible through digitization because it allows the continuous recording of valuable data for analysis. This offers many advantages: optimized transport flows at the warehouse, avoidance of traffic jams and collisions, reduction of vehicle damage, and repairs. Every DIGITAL2GO product benefits utilization. They are easy to integrate into your existing equipment and systems. Once up and running, they work together to increase the capacity utilization and transparency of your fleet.

  • Material movement is not flowing freely?

    Are autonomous mobile robots all taking the same route? Is halting in the aisle causing congestion? Transport robots equipped with sensor modules allow transport routes to be recorded and analyzed, which enables the quicker optimization of traffic flow, the monitoring of routes, and an increase in performance through the completion of more transport tasks. The exact causes of congestion or stops can also be identified after the event.

  • Frequent repairs?

    Is the field of vision being blocked by walls, shelves and machines so that warehouse drivers cannot see each other? Vehicles equipped with the sensor modules can detect each other on approach and send a signal in advance, allowing collisions, damage and subsequent repair costs to be avoided. Everyone drives more carefully, reducing their speed if necessary, and the traffic flow continues smoothly.

  • Undetected and unresolved damage?

    Do damage and defects often go undetected? Nobody is aware of a fault? If your transport robots and other industrial vehicles are fitted with sensor modules, data can be read out after collisions in order to identify the causes quickly and clearly. This allows routes, processes, and traffic flow to be optimized for the future with preventive and logical measures.

Clear benefits for your business

Simply improve your performance

Better traffic flow

The right data allows the targeted and continuous further development of measures for improving traffic flow, as well as the adjustment of routes and precise monitoring of problem areas. The warehouse layout and traffic flow can be optimized on the basis of this data.

Avoid performance outages

All data recorded by transport robots and industrial vehicles allows the retrospective analysis of performance outages and the development of optimization measures for the future.

Greater operational safety, less downtime

If every autonomous mobile robot or industrial vehicle is fitted with a sensor module, they detect each other on approach even before the drivers see them. The warning on the driver terminal allows them to reduce their speed proactively ahead of time so that dangerous situations or collisions can be avoided more easily, traffic can flow more smoothly and downtimes of your fleet are reduced to a minimum.

Simple cause study

Identifying damage takes a lot of time. Sensor data from all industrial vehicles and transport robots with sensor modules can be analyzed retrospectively, which makes cause studies easier and enables you to develop improvements in the future.

Easy installation

The SLOC modules work via Plug & Play and are quick to install. The same applies to the Open Shuttle. No mechanical interventions or modifications are necessary on your industrial vehicles or warehouse infrastructure.

The best way to implement our solutions? Step by step.

We would be happy to discuss suitable technologies for your requirements with you in person. All you need to do is take the first step.

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DIGITAL2GO makes internal transport efficient, safe and totally digital – step by step

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“With SLOC’s smart IoT devices, we have found the perfect Plug & Play solution for gathering relevant information from industrial vehicles in real time. The load status, lifting height, movement profile or location are indicated in real time, allowing our customers to improve efficiency and save costs. In addition, the SLOC devices are characterized by easy and quick installation and commissioning, avoiding any complex cabling on the vehicle with their battery operation and wireless data transmission.”
Volker Quirin, Department Manager Mobile Easykey (Domnick+Müller GmbH+Co.KG)

These products will improve your processes

Digital transformation requires a wide range of approaches for specific areas. The combined use of Open Shuttles and SLOC modules provides significant advantages and progress for your intralogistics, perfectly designed for immediate optimisation and for use in any infrastructure.
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Automate transport tasks in your operations with the autonomous, mobile robot.

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