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Equip your industrial trucks with more intelligence

You can get more out of your industrial trucks – data is the key. Data allows you to record, analyze and optimize travel paths or movements of goods and material at your company. This allows you to use your autonomous and manually operated industrial trucks better and more efficiently.

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Increase production, add value

Increase the capabilities of your industrial trucks

Autonomous mobile robots such as the Open Shuttle and manually guided industrial trucks provide an enormous reduction of internal logistics work. Imagine that you could digitize all trips, optimize vehicle use and on top of that increase safety. Our innovative solution allows you to do exactly that – precisely adjusted to your needs and quickly ready for use since no complex system integration is needed.

Optimize fleet management

Clear up traffic problems, increase security

Too much traffic on some warehouse or production paths? Critical driving patterns at intersections with poor visibility? Frequent damage from collisions? These problems can be solved – but only if you know what causes them. The 5G Suite can give you this information: Sensors on the vehicles send data about their position, speed, etc. that is available to be evaluated or analyzed with results that are available quickly. There are less backups and collisions, damage and repairs are reduced and workplaces are safer.

  • Optimize material flows

    Do all of your industrial trucks take the same path? Wireless sensors that are easily installed transmit the position, travel path and speed of the vehicle, giving you meaningful data for targeted actions for improvement. Traffic flows better, routing becomes more efficient and material throughput times are shorter.

  • Less collisions, more safety

    Is the field of vision blocked by walls, shelves or machines? Industrial trucks use sensors to recognize when they are approaching another vehicle, and fork lift drivers are warned optically or acoustically. This reduces collisions and damage while increasing safety.

  • Find out causes of accidents

    Damage and malfunctions often remain undiscovered? If your transport robots and other industrial trucks are equipped with sensors, there is data for every individual incident. This makes it possible to clearly identify causes. Also, the strength of the impact can be transmitted in real time for initiating the appropriate actions quickly.

A clear gain for your company

More IQ – greater efficiency

Enter and optimize paths

By analyzing paths that industrial trucks have taken, unnecessarily long paths or too much traffic in certain areas become visible immediately in warehouses or production. This allows you to untangle the flow of traffic in a targeted way or to change the storage location of frequently needed products to shorten travel paths.

Avoid critical driving patterns

Critical driving patterns can especially occur when autonomous and manually operated industrial trucks take the same paths. Sensors that can sense when another vehicle is approaching can help in this situation: They trigger an optical or acoustic signal in the cab that warns the driver of an impending collision.

Find out causes of accidents

If there is a collision, the cause of the collision can quickly be discovered by the trip data that the sensor recorded. If the strength of the impact is transmitted in real time, it is also possible to initiate appropriate actions immediately such as a vehicle check, or certain shelves or facilities can be blocked that may have been damaged by the accident.

Limit travel speed

If the travel speed is often exceeded in an area where there are a lot of employees, it is possible to restrict the maximum speed of industrial trucks in those areas. A speed limiter is activated by a position sensor in the control unit, and as soon as the equipment has reached the end of the defined zone it can be driven at normal speeds again.

Record the temperature

Industrial trucks use many different vehicle batteries and charging technologies. That is why it can be advantageous to constantly monitor battery temperature. This is not only an advantage for the useful life of your industrial trucks but also increases safety at your company – which may lead to your insurance premiums being reduced.

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"By using the latest technologies like the Open Shuttle, we are able to improve our quality and productivity."
"The flexibility we have thanks to this system is priceless, of course. There is nothing fixed in production. There are only the routes that the Open Shuttle takes and nothing else."
“We have been using the Open Shuttles for a number of years now. We can have these running alongside the Open Shuttle Fork machines, so we can supply the production area in a better and more targeted way.”
Peter Hubl, Team Leader for Logistics Automation Maintenance at Fronius International GmbH
"In addition to improving production and warehouse logistics efficiency, we can use location systems for collective security protection. For example, sensors can detect if an employee is too close to a machine or has entered a dangerous zone. The safety of our employees is our overriding goal, and this solution supports its implementation."

DIGITAL2GO makes material handling smarter, more efficient and safer.


Improve the efficiency of your industrial trucks

You can digitize all of your industrial truck trips and optimize their use with our comprehensive solution – adjusted precisely to your needs and quickly ready for use since no complex system integration is needed.
IoT device management

5G Suite

End-to-end solution consisting of 5G IoT Gateway, Operating System, Orchestration Platform and different sensors for integrating use cases. Adjusted to your needs, made to help you better manage your operations and decision-making process.

Flexible transport robots

Open Shuttles

Available as single units or as a fleet. Innovative add-ons, customized configurations and flexible rental models on request.