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  • Each item is recorded. No stop necessary.
  • High-speed camera with barcode scanner
  • High-resolution pictures
  • Automatic allocation in order system
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Your advantage in the complaint process

Documented goods-out with image and time stamp

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The all-in-one photo station for checking shipments

Records shipments as they leave with image and time stamp, ensuring quality and reducing complaints. Inspect and verify your shipments in seconds.

ivii photostation

Ensure quality by documented shipping

The ivii photostation is a fully integrable solution that creates photos for documentation at goods issue and provides them with a time stamp. This data is automatically linked to the order, and any discussion about complaints will be shortened drastically in the future. Now you can be sure that you have the necessary records for every order. This way you will send more packages only - not more problems.

How can the ivii photostation benefit you?

Lower complaint rate = lower costs

Handling complaints is a tedious process that consumes too many resources. The ivii photostation makes it easy to document any shipment in its entirety, in a traceable way, without any additional effort. Every order that leaves your warehouses is accurately recorded. This means you have all information at your fingertips. Our technologies can spare you expensive exchanges and lengthy complaint processing. You'll be able to permanently free up time for the warehouse, logistics, shipping, and support.

  • Checking at work

    The ivii photostation never forces you to stop your shipments. It captures every commission while the process is in motion. The highspeed camera photographs items in high-resolution image quality and directly stores them on the server while leaving goods dispatch. Each order is automatically assigned the correct image.

  • Fully transparent

    Too few items or too many? Damaged, wrong, or no products delivered at all? No matter what exactly happened - every complaint requires time and effort for support, logistics, and shipping when clearing it up. ivii photostation allows documentation on the fly for fast validation and thus efficient processing. This way, you know what really happened to your goods.

  • Ready for immediate use

    The ivii photostation is optimized for use in the running process. You don't need to rebuild or change anything. All that is required by this product is a clear view of the items from above. Integration into your systems is possible but not necessary. The ivii photostation comes with our own software. Of course, the images will remain in your data sovereignty.

When does digital picture documentation pay off?

1 Minute
60 Minutes
15Euros per hour
10 Euros per hour
50 Euros per hour
Your ivii.photostation pays off in
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Decrease complaints

ivii photostation

Perfect lighing
Two high-performance light sources ensure an optimal image. The extraneous light protector guarantees consistent results even under difficult lighting conditions and protects your employees from optical distractions.
Calibratable camera
Use the software to individually adjust and configure the high-performance camera for your requirements. The camera provides sharp, crisp colour images with a resolution of 1.3 MP and detects objects up to 650 x 400 mm.
Barcode scanner
Using the barcode scanner, the outgoing goods are allocated to the corresponding order. This ensures that each purchase order and tray remain traceable. The scanner detects EAN barcodes which are saved with the picture.
Automatic object detection
The optical switch ensures that you do not miss any objects. When a load carrier arrives at the centre of the photo station, it triggers the barcode scanner and the camera. You can also deactivate the optical sensor and use the flash continuously.
High-speed network connection
The pictures and information are saved on your company internal server through FTP protocol. The standardized RJ45 cable connection protects you from WLAN dead spots and ensures fast data transmission with LAN.
Height adjustable
The usual distance between object and camera is 55 cm; it can be set up to a height of 2 m above floor level. The maximum height of your load carriers should not exceed 310 mm.

The ivii photostation explained in 1 minute

Get a comprehensive overview including all important facts and features at a glance

ivii photostation in the magazine

For L’Oréal, decreasing customer complaints are worth it

Orders are continually being shipped in large numbers from the in-house logistics center of L’Oréal Germany in Mönchengladbach – and these order numbers are on the rise. An enormous challenge has been overcome as the number of complaints and the associated time expenditure for processing have been reduced. The deployment of ivii photostation, which continually captures images of packages in a fully automated process, was crucial for this achievement. Thus, at L’Oréal, commissioning is now being documented, complaints are addressed more quickly, and the state of consignments is traced transparently.
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"A surprising, positive side-effect is the increased employee satisfaction due to the transparent traceability. Digitalization in the customer complaint process has improved our quality assurance in multiple ways."

Ensures your quality with photo proof. The ivii photostation.

Take advantage of the benefits offered by digital documentation in the shipping department. You can save time, money, and nerves with every complaint.
Secure goods dispatches

ivii photostation

All-in-one photo station for fully automated image documentation. Buy once and reduce costs.