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Digital vision in production and delivery chains

Fully automated system for digital quality inspection as per your specifications. With object recognition and documentation during continuous operation, ivii iriis helps you detect and eliminate defects early on.

Quality inspection and defect detection

ivii iriis is a smart vision system for detecting defects. In the background, an artificial intelligence uses your specifications and reference photos to detect all deviations from the ideal state in production, manufacturing, assembly and more. Optimal support for new employees to achieve faultless performance and products. Enabling you to reduce costs, detect defective products before they reach your customers and safeguard your quality.

How can ivii iriis benefit you?

Take a closer look with digital optics

ivii iriis automatically detects any deviation from the defined quality in your company. This helps you reduce and avoid many defects before they become complaints as well as digitize existing knowledge to make it available to all employees in the company and support them. Thanks to the system's AI learning functions, you can teach-in defect characteristics yourself and are not dependent on IT expertise or software manufacturers. Digital vision means intelligent defect prevention for permanent relief of warehouse, logistics, shipping and support.

  • Quality as a Service

    Faulty parts in production? Fill level control in shipping? ivii iriis detects defects in real time, helping you ensure quality and optimize processes. You show the system exemplary images of the target state as well as defective results and the Deep Learning network obtains new knowledge for ongoing quality control. Without the need for prior knowledge.

  • Complete visual recording

    Too many/not enough products, damaged or even wrong products? Every complaint raises costs. ivii iriis accurately records the condition of all goods, parts and containers during ongoing operations. The vision system only needs a clear view from above.

  • Transparency with Track & Trace

    Problem identification during operation? ivii iriis takes pictures in motion and at standstill, assigns the images to your orders or assembly steps and stores them on your server. All components and packages can be identified and instantaneously tracked. You find everything - even if your processes are complex and premises are big.

ivii iriis

Seeing everything on the fly.

ivii iris is the smart solution for complete visual recording and tracking that integrates with your existing processes and operating environment.

  • Quality inspection

    Detect deviations and differences.

  • Detection

    Identify objects, goods and containers.

  • Documentation

    Constantly record processes and work steps.

  • Traceability

    Clearly allocate differences with proof.

ivii iriis

Added value to go

Real time quality inspection

The ivii iriis cameras detect even the smallest deviations. Even those that would remain hidden to the human eye. Defective parts or items that do not belong to the order are automatically detected. This allows for a zero-defect strategy.

Continuous improvement

ivii iriis comes with a simple learning function that allows you to further improve its automatic defect & item recognition yourself without any special knowledge or IT expertise. Tanks to Deep Learning, the system can be further trained and calibrated according to your individual requirements by taking reference photos.

Accurate visual documentation

Automatically document everything with the high-resolution photos ivii iriis takes. Even in fully automated mode, it can record with second precision during ongoing operations. The conditions of objects, goods or containers are thus seamlessly documented, remain completely traceable, and allow you to find potential for improvement.

Immediately ready to use everywhere

ivii iriis is a complete vision system in a box. Everything you need is already included, software and hardware can be used immediately. The box can be installed in any location in your plant. No matter whether the objects to be detected are moving on the conveyor belt or stationary at the workstation in assembly, production, etc.

Fully integrated

ivii iriis offers digital interfaces to various systems. For example, to programmable logic controllers (PLC), as well as to various control and ERP systems (XML, Rest-API etc.).

Take 2 minutes to see how ivii iriis works

In this video, we give you a brief overview of the facts, functions and use cases of ivii iriis.

How ivii iriis works:

Fast, smart and stand-alone: You can use ivii iriis immediately in your company.

1. Install the box
ivii iriis is immediately ready to go. You can even set the box up exactly where you need it. Our partners will take care of that for you on request.
2. Take reference photos
Take photos of the target state and faulty states of goods or parts. The Deep Learning network teaches itself the desired results.
3. Save time and money
ivii iriis is ready for use in no time and can check goods, labels as well as fill levels, detect deviations, document, make goods traceable and create transparency according to your requirements.

Optical recognition for operational excellence. That’s ivii iriis.

Take advantage of ongoing digital quality control in your company.
 Fault-free deliveries - fully documented and traceable - save you time, money and stress.
Optical quality inspection

ivii iriis

Vision system for fully automated object recognition, quality inspection and documentation. Additional functions available. Self-installation or by our partners.