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Flexible, intelligent transport robots

Automate your internal goods transport with Open Shuttles – autonomous mobile robots for fast, flexible transport of containers or pallets.

Efficiently connect business areas

Open Shuttles are the perfect solution to efficiently connect business areas with each other. They work completely autonomously, are suitable for transporting containers and pallets – depending on the vehicle type – and can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures. If changes are required for transport orders or routes, they are made quickly and easily by our modern fleet management. Open Shuttles provide required transport material as quickly as possible. In summary, they take objects on the quickest route from A to B.

What benefits do Open Shuttles offer?

Smart robots for internal on-demand transport

Do you want in-plant transports that are fast, efficient and automated? Open Shuttles are perfectly suited for this task! Autonomous mobile robots are an intelligent on-demand solution. They plan transports and paths independently by smart, adaptive controls using fleet management software (e.g. KiSoft FCS) to complete tasks as efficiently as possible. Open Shuttles take care of transporting containers, trays and cartons. The Open Shuttle Fork is appropriate for pallets and special load carriers. Another advantage is that since no driver is necessary for operation your employees can focus on tasks that create value.

  • Autonomous, intelligent swarm

    Every robot always knows what it needs to do. Open Shuttles have individual and swarm intelligence. When multiple Shuttles are used, tasks and routes are divided up optimally. A robot that happens to be available and that can do the task the fastest takes care of it.

  • Smart & secure in transit

    Open Shuttles use existing routes and independently choose the best path. Narrow aisles, vehicles or employees who cross their paths are not a problem: They use sensors, scanners and 3-D obstacle detection to sense their surroundings and to reliably react to people and obstacles.

  • Adaptive, flexible & scalable

    Open Shuttles adapt precisely to your requirements and processes. Changes to transport tasks can be made independently, quickly and easily. Additional fleets can easily be expanded by additional vehicles. This gives Open Shuttles a big advantage when it comes to flexibility.

How Open Shuttles works

Fast, smart, and stand-alone: This allows you to immediately deploy Open Shuttles at your business.

1. Integrate robots
Connect an Open Shuttle to your WLAN, and record the surroundings onetime.
2. Handle transports
Allocate transport orders in your warehouse or in production, and then Open Shuttles will complete the orders quickly & independently.
3. Increase performance
Your employees can concentrate on tasks that create value and will be supported by Open Shuttles.

In 3 minutes, see how Open Shuttles work for container transport.

In this video, we give you a brief overview of the facts, functions and use cases.

In 3 minutes, see how the Open Shuttle Fork works.

Find out here how the Open Shuttle Fork quickly, autonomously & flexibly handles palette transports.

Open Shuttles

Flexible & versatile

Simple integration

Open Shuttles can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure. No construction work is necessary for operation, and they are controlled by intelligent software via your WLAN network. If necessary, your Open Shuttle fleet can be made up of various vehicle types.

Secure operation & usable in all industries

Transport robots use their scanners and sensors to continually scan their surroundings. They use existing traffic areas, react to people and obstacles, and slow down with an appropriate safety distance. Because of their design, they can be used in all industries (VDA 5050 compatible).

Flexible fleet management

If the surroundings or the tasks change, Open Shuttles can be quickly adjusted to new requirements by smart fleet management software (e.g. KiSoft FCS). If transport needs increase, it is simple to expand the existing fleet.

Optimal operating time

When there are no transport tasks to perform, Open Shuttles use the time to charge their battery. They go to the charging station by themselves and come back as soon as they are needed. The Open Shuttle’s battery runtime for container transport is more than 6 hours and up to 8 hours for the Open Shuttle Fork.

Container transport

There are two models of the Open Shuttle for container transport with a maximum carrying capacity of 50 or 100 kg. Containers can be transferred from both sides, and the Open Shuttle can optionally be equipped with an integrated lift.

Pallet transport

Various pallets, special load carriers, racks and shelving units with a maximum weight of 1,300 kg can be transported by the Open Shuttle Fork. The maximum loading or unloading height is 1,200 mm.

High maneuverability & low space requirements

The Open Shuttle Fork is very maneuverable since it can turn on its own axis and also moves sideways. Narrow transport paths or confined spaces are not a problem, and it is not necessary to make structural changes.

The right vehicle for every transport task

The Open Shuttle product range offers the right vehicle, regardless of whether you want to transport containers or pallets. You can also combine various types of vehicles in one fleet.

Open Shuttle for container transport

  • For transporting containers, cartons & trays

  • Lifting equipment: roller conveyor systems

  • Maximum carrying capacity: 50 or 100 kg

  • Maximum load dimensions: 600 x 400 / 800 x 600 mm

  • Battery runtime: approximately 6 hours

Open Shuttle Fork for pallet transport

  • For pallets, racks and special load carriers

  • Lifting equipment: Lifting forks

  • Maximum carrying capacity: 1,300 kg

  • Maximum load dimensions: 1,200 x 1,000 mm

  • Battery runtime: approximately 8 hours

Open Shuttles

The best way to more internal transport flexibility

Open Shuttles are suitable for any kind of in-plant transport. They connect all places in an optimal way by transports that are fast, needs-based and automated. Select the right model for your transport tasks!

AMR for container transport

Open Shuttle

Autonomous mobile robot transports containers, cartons and trays. Available extras: integrated lifter to 1,500 mm, location sensor, side scanner, light stack and blue light, and 3-D obstacle detection.

AMR with lifting forks

Open Shuttle Fork

Autonomous mobile robot with integrated electric lifting forks for transporting pallets, racks and special load carriers up to 1,300 kg. Extras: blue light, localization scanner.

Open Shuttle Fork in the magazine

Automated pallet transport for Fronius

At Fronius’ Sattledt site in Upper Austria, 16 Open Shuttle Fork robots have been brought in to help supply materials to the production area and transport finished products to the outgoing goods area. These autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for pallet transport have been added to the company’s existing Open Shuttle fleet.
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Open Shuttle in the magazine

Intelligent internal transport at Würth Austria

The intralogistical processes at Würth Austria needed to be optimized to satisfy the growing demands with respect to warehouse resources, the facility concept, productivity and services. The company relies on Open Shuttle to ensure flawless customer deliveries. The driverless, smart robot offers flexible functionality and intelligent automated transport procedures to ensure increased efficiency while concurrently providing relief for employees.
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“We have been using the Open Shuttles for a number of years now. We can have these running alongside the Open Shuttle Fork machines, so we can supply the production area in a better and more targeted way.”
Peter Hubl, Team Leader for Logistics Automation Maintenance at Fronius International GmbH
"Processes such as carrying boxes, unpacking and rearranging can be automated well. Humans have the highest priority and I want them to work on tasks that add value and not for activities that can be automated really well."
Dominik Huber, CEO Digmesa Polyform AG
"By using the latest technologies like the Open Shuttle, we are able to improve our quality and productivity."
Helmut Eisenkolb, Ressortleiter Logistik, Geschäftsführung und Prokurist bei Würth Industrie Service
"The flexibility we have thanks to this system is priceless, of course. There is nothing fixed in production. There are only the routes that the Open Shuttle takes and nothing else."
Dominik Huber, CEO Digmesa Polyform AG