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The flexible, driverless transport robot

Automate goods transport in warehouses or production with the Open Shuttle, the autonomous mobile robot for handling all kinds of transport tasks quickly and flexibly.

Complete internal logistics fast and efficiently

Logistics is always about connecting, internally as well as across companies. Goods, raw materials, or products must arrive at the right time, in the right quantity, in the right place.  You need efficient transport to achieve this, starting in your company's warehouse or on the shop floor. The Open Shuttles were developed for more flexibility in your transport system: adaptable, autonomous mobile robots that you can easily integrate into your warehouse. They link different locations and processes more efficiently and without any risk to personnel, making various items available as quickly as possible to improve performance in your existing system. In short, they autonomously and rapidly transport required objects from A to B. 

How can Open Shuttle benefit you?

The robot for intelligent transport on-demand

The Open Shuttle is an autonomous mobile robot (AMR). It takes on transport tasks of all kinds, carries bins, and sorts them - entirely automated. This frees up time for your staff, so they can concentrate on value-added tasks and remain productive. The Open Shuttle works as a driverless on-demand solution, perfect for all transport tasks in your operation. It smartly plans its routes and manages all orders autonomously. The robot is quickly integrated and works with any existing system. Once it’s in operation, it transports different load units, connects workstations, assists in order picking, and handles urgent transports. Based on your requirements, the autonomous mobile robot can immediately bring everything to the right place without any risk to personnel. The Open Shuttle is an adaptive, scalable transport solution that simplifies and optimizes warehouse collaboration.

  • Autonomous and intelligent in a swarm

    Each robot always knows what to do. The Open Shuttles have both individual and swarm intelligence. When using several shuttles, they operate independently and distribute tasks, and runs optimally among themselves: whichever robot has time and can complete the task the fastest sets off. The Open Shuttle plans the route for itself.

  • Smart on the go

    The Open Shuttle uses existing paths for all of its trips. Ground markings or new routes are not necessary. The robots find the best path themselves. Narrow aisles, other vehicles, or employees are no obstacle because the robots have scanners and sensors to detect their surroundings, take evasive action and navigate safely to the specified destination.

  • Adaptive and scalable

    Open Shuttles can be adapted and configured exactly to your processes and layout. Should something change, that's no problem at all. Modifications are simple and easy, and new shuttles can be added at any time.

How Open Shuttle works

Swift, smart, stand-alone: You can use Open Shuttle in your operation right away.

1. Integrate robot
Connect the Open Shuttle to your Wifi and record a site plan with the robot.
2. Handle transports
Place transport orders in the warehouse and production; the robot works autonomously.
3. Improve performance
Free up time so your employees can work productively and are supported flexibly.

Watch how Open Shuttle works in 3 minutes

This video will give you a brief overview of the facts, features, and use cases of the transport robot.

Open Shuttle

Added value to go

Efficient transports

The Open Shuttle is smart and finds the best route for the internal transport of bins. If several shuttles are present, they work in a swarm and distribute tasks efficiently among themselves.

Automation of non-value-adding activities

Using the Open Shuttle frees up staff to concentrate on tasks that add value. The Open Shuttle handles the transport of one or two bins weighing up to 100 kg.

Quickly integrated

It’s effortless to integrate the Open Shuttle into your existing system. All you need is a functioning Wifi network. The shuttle will be running at your plant in no time.

Safe use of existing space

The Open Shuttles use scanners and sensors to scan their surroundings constantly. They integrate into existing transport areas and avoid people and obstacles, getting each job to its destination quickly and safely.

Efficient energy management

If no jobs are waiting, the Open Shuttle uses the time to recharge its battery. They drive to the charging station independently and start back up as soon as they are needed. The Open Shuttle needs around 60 minutes for a full charge, and the battery life in continuous operation is over six hours.

Applicable everywhere

You can use the Open Shuttle in any industry, from logistics, automotive, electronics, or pharmaceuticals to food. It is highly flexible in transporting raw materials, components, goods, or orders. The shuttle can always be adapted to changing processes.


The Open Shuttles can be reconfigured and linked up in just a few minutes with the intelligent fleet management system if processes and tasks change. As demand increases, additional shuttles can be integrated quickly and easily.

Do you have any questions?

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Open Shuttle in the magazine

Intelligent internal transport at Würth Austria

The intralogistical processes at Würth Austria needed to be optimized in order to satisfy the growing demands with respect to warehouse resources, the facility concept, productivity and services. The company relies on Open Shuttle in order to ensure flawless customer deliveries. The driverless, smart robot offers flexible functionality and intelligent automated transport procedures in order to ensure increased efficiency while concurrently providing relief for employees.
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"Processes such as carrying boxes, unpacking and rearranging can be automated well. Humans have the highest priority and I want them to work on tasks that add value and not for activities that can be automated really well."
Dominik Huber, CEO Digmesa Polyform AG
"By using the latest technologies like the Open Shuttle, we are able to improve our quality and productivity."
Helmut Eisenkolb, Ressortleiter Logistik, Geschäftsführung und Prokurist bei Würth Industrie Service
"The flexibility we have thanks to this system is priceless, of course. There is nothing fixed in production. There are only the routes that the Open Shuttle takes and nothing else."
Dominik Huber, CEO Digmesa Polyform AG

The best way to more flexibility. The Open Shuttle.

The autonomous mobile robot helps with logistical tasks in the plant. They carry out transport jobs in your warehouse or production and link all locations optimally – without adjustments to the existing system.
Flexible transport robot

Open Shuttle

Available as single units or as a fleet. Innovative add-ons, customized configurations and flexible rental models on request.