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Reliable master data
in seconds

The mobile 4D article scanner
for digital article recording

KHT MultiScan

Digital master data recording on the fly.
Optimize your storage capacity and processes thanks to reliable article data.

4 dimensions

Within a few seconds, articles up to a size of 1200 × 640 × 480 mm are recorded independent of their shape with an accuracy of 2.5 mm. At the same time, your articles up to a weight of 40 kg are weighed with an accuracy of +/- 5 g.

Plug & Play

The basic configuration of MultiScan is equipped with a standardized data interface. It can be used immediately. It is operated intuitively and pays off in no time.

2 sizes, 10 extensions

Select from two model sizes for different measurement lengths and extend your MultiScan as desired with numerous additional modules in the online configurator.

The KHT MultiScan explained in 4 minutes

Get a comprehensive overview including all important facts and features at a glance
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Digital vernier calliper
Small screw or sealing ring? No problem. The MultiScan accessories contain a solution for precisely measuring dimensions in the millimetre range. With an accuracy of 0.01 mm, the vernier calliper is the right tool to capture and transmit measurement data at the touch of a button. This accessory requires the industrial touch PC.
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Barcode scanner
Barcode scanner systems quickly and easily identify articles. Every barcode scanner can be used for identification through an USB port. This model is suitable for both 1D and 2D.
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Industry camera
The MultiScan industry camera takes high-resolution article identification pictures. The pictures are allocated to the correct article ID and are immediately available in the warehouse management system. This accessory requires the industrial touch PC.
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You have full control over your data on site through the all-in-one computer protected by IP67. Ideal for further marking and description of your articles.
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Precision scale
For weights below 100 g, the additional use of a fine balance is recommended. The measured weight of the fine scale can be added to the master data on request. This accessory requires the industrial touch PC.

Configure your MultiScan on DIGITAL2GO

Digitalization starts with reliable master data. Configure now

When does digital master data recording pay off?

27 Euros per hour
10 Euros per hour
40 Euros per hour
25 Pieces
0 Pieces
200 Pieces
20000 Articles
500 Articles
80000 Articles
Your KHT MultiScan pays off in
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„When storing and shipping our accessories and clothing, we need exact article information in order to select the optimal storage locations and packaging. The KHT MultiScan provides us with the exact data that we need in order to be able to optimally use capacities. “
Christian Lotze, CEO, Sport Equipment ACS GmbH & Co. KG
„With hundreds of thousands of articles, optimized master data recording is a decisive factor in cost-efficient storage planning. The ready-to-use solution MultiScan convinced us.”
M. Jahnel, Logistics manager, Sonepar Germany, Region South
„Peak periods like Black Friday put logistics to the test every year. In order to be able to react flexibly, it is advisable to use data to align the intralogistics processes in such a way that goods are optimally placed and picking processes can be carried out as easily and quickly as possible. Complete and correct article master data are essential for this. It is precisely this data that the MultiScan provides us with reliably and at the touch of a button.“
Carl-Friedrich zu Knyphausen, Director Logistics Development, Zalando SE

Master data recording for growth hackers

Choose between two capacities – in terms of maximum article length. Width and height as well as the technical data are identical.

MultiScan 800 MultiScan 800 € 19.608,00 For products with dimensions of max. 800 x 640 x 470 mm
MultiScan 1200 MultiScan 1200 € 22.128,00 For products with maximum dimensions of 1200 x 640 x 470 mm