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Reliable master data
in seconds

The mobile 4D article scanner
for digital article recording

The mobile 4D product scanner for digital product data capture

Capturing master data reliably for optimizing storage locations, accurate measuring, and processing items faster.
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Scan, understand, improve

The multi-talented KHT MultiScan represents an uncomplicated way of capturing data. It makes a range of information available fast and simplifies your workflows as a direct result. In its basic configuration, the MultiScan has a standardized data interface and is ready for immediate operation. It is intuitive to use and pays for itself in no time at all. Optimal for application in eCommerce, retail, logistics, and industry. In short: it suits the most varied of fields.

How can the KHT MultiScan benefit you?

Reliable master data in seconds

Cut down on work steps! Scanning, measuring, weighing, checking, entering data, and all processes in between can be managed entirely with the 4D product scanner KHT MultiScan. It can be applied in virtually any industry and is designed as a plug-and-play product for immediate use. No new knowledge, training, or learning phases are required.

  • Easier warehouse optimization

    Space is always limited. So it must be used efficiently. Articles large and small, complex and straightforward, can be captured fully automated and mobile with the KHT MultiScan. All you have to do is position the item on the device. The scanning process runs automatically, and then you can find the ideal location for each product.

  • Simple data acquisition

    A close-meshed laser grid records the dimensions independently and accurately. The integrated scale determines the weight with precision—no matter what shape articles have. Thanks to its intuitive controls, the KHT MultiScan can be used immediately in any facility, as it is operated with ease.

  • Measure mobile

    The KHT MultiScan is mobile and can be used in the warehouse. At any location, your items can be measured, weighed and recorded accurately up to a size of 1200 × 640 × 480 mm to 2.5 mm in just a few seconds. Choose from two model sizes for different measuring lengths and recording capacities.

The KHT MultiScan

Added value to go

Electronic caliper gauge
Über den IP67 geschützten All-In-One-Rechner erhalten Sie die volle Kontrolle über Ihre Daten vor Ort. Ideal zur weiteren Kennzeichnung bzw. Beschreibung Ihrer Artikel.
Barcode scanner
Über den IP67 geschützten All-In-One-Rechner erhalten Sie die volle Kontrolle über Ihre Daten vor Ort. Ideal zur weiteren Kennzeichnung bzw. Beschreibung Ihrer Artikel.
Industrial camera
Creating high-resolution product identification images is uncomplicated with the MultiScan's industry-grade camera. The photos are directly assigned to the correct article ID and immediately made available to the merchandise management system. This accessory requires the industrial touch PC.
Industrial Touch PC
Get complete control of your data on-site via the IP67-protected all-in-one computer—ideal for further identification or description of your items.
For weights below 100 g, the use of an auxiliary precision scale is recommended. The measured weight of the precision scale can be added to the master data on request. This accessory requires the industrial touch PC.
The KHT MultiScan makes it easy to use all the data gathered. Serial interfaces, Ethernet, or USB render all information immediately available in the enterprise resource planning system. This saves time and costs because the article master data is only imported once and is already reliable and error-free.

When does digital master data recording pay off?

27 Euros per hour
10 Euros per hour
40 Euros per hour
25 Pieces
0 Pieces
200 Pieces
20000 Articles
500 Articles
80000 Articles
Your KHT MultiScan pays off in
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The KHT MultiScan explained in 4 minutes

Get a comprehensive overview including all important facts and features at a glance
„When storing and shipping our accessories and clothing, we need exact article information in order to select the optimal storage locations and packaging. The KHT MultiScan provides us with the exact data that we need in order to be able to optimally use capacities. “
Christian Lotze, CEO, Sport Equipment ACS GmbH & Co. KG
„With hundreds of thousands of articles, optimized master data recording is a decisive factor in cost-efficient storage planning. The ready-to-use solution MultiScan convinced us.”
M. Jahnel, Logistics manager, Sonepar Germany, Region South
„Peak periods like Black Friday put logistics to the test every year. In order to be able to react flexibly, it is advisable to use data to align the intralogistics processes in such a way that goods are optimally placed and picking processes can be carried out as easily and quickly as possible. Complete and correct article master data are essential for this. It is precisely this data that the MultiScan provides us with reliably and at the touch of a button.“
Carl-Friedrich zu Knyphausen, Director Logistics Development, Zalando SE

Smart technology cleverly implemented

DIGITAL2GO currently offers two different technologies for capturing data - MultiScan and CartonScan in comparison:


  • Captures complex shapes
  • Preferred use in incoming goods 
  • Functions using infrared technology
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  • Captures cartons and cubic articles
  • Preferred use in outgoing goods
  • Functions using ultrasonic technology
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Master data collection for all those who want to know for sure. The KHT MultiScan.

Configure the 4D mobile product scanner for digital product data capture to meet your needs.

KHT MultiScan

Digitize product master data in real time

For products with maximum dimensions of max. 800 x 640 x 470 mm or max. 1200 x 640 x 470 mm