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Speed up repairs, service, inspections, and troubleshooting with digital remote frontline solutions. assist lets you minimize wait times and travel costs to increase efficiency. 

Live off-site help for agents in the field assist is a system of innovative technologies that enable effective service work to be performed remotely and live. The solutions provide seamless access to off-site experts for virtual step-by-step guidance via glasses, smartphone, tablet, or desktop to assess faults, troubleshoot everyday problems, and instantly manage equipment, machines, and systems. assist ensures fast and digitized servicing processes.

How can assist benefit you?

Resolve problems and avoid downtime

The best equipment and the most reliable machines can still cause problems. But when it comes to industrial operations, where every breakdown reduces productivity – every second counts. Service staff cannot be available immediately in distant factories, platforms, or ships, for example. The assist visual support solutions extend the skills and capabilities of the on-site team. The system works through on-demand consulting, augmented reality, and remote training, ensuring that employees can immediately connect to the right support. As a result, you can avoid errors and downtime, increase first-time fix rates, and significantly reduce the cost of maintenance calls or service provider travel. assist makes it possible to safely and efficiently support frontline workers in problem-solving.

  • Live Know-how

    Broadcasting via wearables and mobile devices enables real-time image & sound viewing - anytime, anywhere. Support staff can watch live via video, control the camera remotely and give precise instructions. Streaming is lossless due to optimized transmission, allowing content to be drawn in, images to be displayed, and even the smallest technical details to be visible.

  • Location-independent expertise

    On-site service calls become a lot more accessible with assist. Support from location-independent experts ensures safe instructions - and that way, you shorten plant downtimes with low expenditure of resources. The time needed to identify problems and then troubleshoot them is drastically reduced. You can usually avoid lengthy and expensive travel for repair personnel altogether.

  • Build knowledge with best practice assist automatically records assignments in one continuous video. The seamless documentation of duration, process and content can serve as proof for the customer, but also as a basis for your building up your knowledge base. The recordings make know-how available at any time and thus best practices from actual assignments are preserved for the future. You can use it to identify solutions more easily and make improvements, even off-line.

ivii global assist

Added value to go

Real-time broadcast

Live transmission of image and sound allows staff and support to discuss, review and observe the situation simultaneously and together. Without reduced or throttled quality making it impossible to get the job done.

AR instructions

The software behind assist lets you create augmented reality instructions yourself. Workflows can be edited in the easy-to-use designer, without prior programming knowledge.

Smoothly remote

The solutions by assist were made for global use. For products, parts and licenses all over the world, help or support can be requested immediately and performed directly.

Smart glasses

The assist smart glasses are wearables that let others see what you see. With proprietary, optimized software on all mobile devices, all technical solutions work together seamlessly. For perfect support from a distance.

Voice control

The entire system works via voice control. Skilled workers always have both hands free. Support is just a voice command or tap away on the screen of an assist device.

Video recording

For internal documentation, all transmissions are recorded by assist. This serves to build knowledge within the company, for example for offline use or training documentation. Participants have to approve the recording depending on the configuration.

Automatic service report

The results from deployment and service are automatically summarized in a report and sent to all persons relevant for the job. Clients can check, sign and approve the report immediately. In this way, the service performed is verified and confirmed more quickly.

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Sustainably fit for the future

Expert assistance with human factor and CO₂ reduction

Experts are required to undertake long journeys if they want to be present on site. assist allows you to provide location-independent assistance without the need for travel and thereby reduce CO₂ emissions. Employees are afforded the opportunity to work in their accustomed surroundings and remain at home with their families. The human factor is especially important for highly qualified experts. In accordance with social responsibility, this concept increases long-term employee satisfaction and retention. Remote live support means reliable repair and maintenance whereby the product life-cycle is extended and machines remain operational longer. You thereby secure your investment and conserve resources.

"Remote assistance is not just a nice capability in these times. It's a necessity. It’s become invaluable, and we'll increase the use of our remote capabilities. assist will be on any new vessels we ship."
Jeroen Kortsmit, Group General Manager Key Accounts, JRC/Alphatron Marine
"Support or repairs without assist would be a lot of back and forth, troubleshooting and guesswork without solving the problem reliably. assist brings us into the exact situation. It lets us know precisely what's going on, what to do and what parts to send."
Jeroen Kortsmit, Group General Manager Key Accounts, JRC/Alphatron Marine

Find solutions live, always and everywhere. The assist. assist empowers reliable maintenance, troubleshooting and problem resolution from afar. Support then becomes completely remote, live and on-demand. Exactly where it is needed.
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ivii global assist

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