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Internet of Things, 5G, and Sensor Technology: The Future of Supply Chains

06. September by DIGITAL2GO in Digitization

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Efficiency, transparency, and reliability – the supply chain management of the future has to meet these three requirements as perfectly as possible. This can be achieved with IoT-enabled logistics and 5G-based real-time intervention. At the heart of all this, however, are gap-free, continuously collected data and automated control and interaction processes, in real time.

Reducing inventories, shortening delivery times, making shipment tracking easier, rapid reaction possibilities for problems of all kind, zero-downtime production, tracing for defects and complaints – it doesn’t take long to recognise that the list of requirements when it comes to supply chain management is extensive. As in so many other areas, the main goal here is optimisation – because efficiency in the supply chain means minimising costs and maximising satisfaction.

Data, data, data

This is only possible when comprehensive, gap-free information is available in real time during the entire process and across all phases. In addition, setpoints have to be defined and deviations in them must be ascertained and developed into automated control mechanisms. The manual collection and filtering of data as the basis for decisions will likely be inadequate for this purpose. Without IoT-enabled logistics, companies will have a difficult time meeting the growing requirements and identifying and harnessing all of the potential in the future.

In light of the quantity of data that has to be processed, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the 5G mobile communications standard are the two cornerstones of successful supply chain management. Together with the possibilities offered by sensor technology, they represent nearly the perfect trio to be able to face the requirements described at the outset. Because, provided that they are permanently linked to appropriate control systems, sensors are capable of providing detailed information about the current state of machines, products, and packages and initiating interactions in real time. 

Depending on the (industrial or logistical) task, the possibilities in this field are already immense. Devices that interact with their surroundings share the recorded information with control systems throughout the supply chain. This allows automated interactions and warnings to be triggered in real time, risks to be minimised, and insights to be gained for further potential optimisation measures throughout the workflow. Anyone who has a state-of-the-art driver assistance system in their car or a smart home can imagine the tremendous potential that is 

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5G Suite

Speed and capacity with 5G

It will likely come as no surprise that the quantity of data and information collected by IoT-enabled devices and sensors is enormous. In order to develop and implement truly efficient control strategies from this flood of data, it takes extremely powerful networking and orchestration as well as a wide range of state-of-the-art systems that are equipped for the possibilities of artificial and/or ambient intelligence.

5G Suite and LNC Enterprise Net are two highly advanced solutions that are essential for the orchestration of IoT data and uninterrupted connectivity. The fact that they can be quickly and easily integrated into existing work processes makes the added value visible and tangible immediately in the form of increased production efficiency, higher quality, and greater transparency. And they also allow you to generate precise data, reports, and analyses about your business processes, making it possible to draw conclusions on how the final result can be further improved on a continuous basis.

Supply chain management

The trio of 5G, IoT, and sensor technology provides a wide range of benefits in modern supply chain management that have a very positive impact for the company as a whole – including sustainable personnel and resource management:

  • Better traceability of transports

  • Faster reaction times for infrastructure malfunctions

  • Optimised warehouse management: reduced inventories thanks to intelligent, sensor-based IoT applications

  • Reduced downtimes

  • Improved customer satisfaction

  • Ongoing optimisation and savings potential

  • Greater transparency, including through improved procurement and supplier management

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LNC Enterprise Net

More speed thanks to gap-free data, networked devices and applications, and automated, intelligent security and control systems: The IoT (together with 5G and sensor technology) and the resulting real-time insights into company processes such as production and delivery lead to higher efficiency and reliability in your operations. In addition, knowledge gains are to be expected that will make your company – regardless of whether it’s an SME or a large corporation – more sustainable, more efficient, and more future-proof on a step-by-step basis through digitalisation.

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